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14 September, 2021

Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2021 Collection - Neighborhood Living

It excites me to hear that Uniqlo LifeWear is launching its Fall/Winter 2021 Collection themed "Neighbourhood Living". 

If you do not already know,  UNIQLO LifeWear is thoughtful, practical clothing for everyday life and enjoyable activities, balancing simplicity and comfort with style and utility. 

Inspired by the concept where we find comfort in our neighborhoods - appreciating the area we call "home" and its environment - Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2021 collection allows us to dress comfortably as we stroll along the tree-lined streets, browse our favourite shops, go cafehopping, say hello to friends, etc. 

This showcases different styles that suit our everyday activities and what matters most is putting on outfits that best complement our personality and way of life. Just stay true to ourselves :) 

Perhaps you like to spend weekends relaxing in a park with pretty flowers and green fields, or forest bathing under a canopy of trees at the outskirts of the city. A light, pocketable or UV protection parka, folded and packed into your bag, will be your go-to for adventures in town or country.

Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2021 Collection is available in 4 sub-themes:

Need for Nature

Suitable for the outdoor goers, UNIQLO utility wear is perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor ventures because it is comfortable to move around in and maintains comfort when the weather and temperature suddenly changes. Items that are simple and functional, as extensions of everyday apparel double the fun of life's little adventures.

❤ HEATTECH Innerwear Jersey
❤ Sweat Slit Pullover
❤ Stretch Twill Oversized Shirt 

Freedom in Motion

New lifestyles have us reassessing our relationship with the natural beauty around us. The freedom to slide seamlessly between urban and natural settings blurs the boundaries between having fun and getting through everyday tasks. We can benefit from natural fabrics that feel great, functional fabrics offering warmth and ease of movement, and casual apparel that makes it easy to dress up or down, always keeping us comfortable and at ease.

Key items:
❤ Ultra Light Down (Men and Women)
❤ Women Jeans: Ultra Stretch Skinny High Rise Jeans, Peg Top High Rise Jeans, Super Wide Jeans
❤ Rayon Cropped Blouse
❤ Utility Work Pants for Men 

Curated City Living

People are adopting routines that keep them safe and sound while incorporating all that is great about city living. UNIQLO has employed innovative designs and functionality so people can look comfortable and neat even when busy working or doing household chores. It offers wardrobe items that are free of excessive embellishments to complement comfortable and positive urban living.

Key items:
❤ Souffle Yarn Knit
❤ Light Souffle Yarn V Neck Long Sleeve Cropped Cardigan
❤ Cotton Twill Stand Collar Long Shirt
❤ Cotton Relaxed Skipper Collar 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
❤ Shoes and Bags

Rest and Recharge

Countless people now work and exercise at home. UNIQLO created a full range of apparel to help them remain comfortable and relax. Bedding has also been enhanced so people can sleep better and recharge to stay healthy and looking at their best.

Key items:
❤ Satin Draped Straight Pants
❤ Soft Flannel Flare Dress
❤ Room Shoes

Apart from that, UNIQLO has just announced the launch of the 2021 Fall/Winter issue of LifeWear magazine, a free publication that conveys the UNIQLO LifeWear philosophy via various features and interviews. Feel free to view it online at:

❤ ❤ 

For more information about UNIQLO, please visit:
Instagram: @uniqlomyofficial

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