26 December, 2007

1226 07 -sick

1226 2007, 12.26 noon

I think today is the day which most of the Form3s feel nervous and worry bout their result, Form4 life and future. And many are making enquiries such as what to wear to school tomorrow, what time to reach school, what’s the plan after taking result, etc… When everyone could not sleep because of their worries bout the result, I also could not sleep but not because of this. I feel kinda sick today--- fever, flu, sore throat. Moreover they keep bothering me with all sorts of questions = = can’t you just let me have a rest ma? Just went to see doctor, and once I reached home, I sat in front of the computer till now… I don’t know why I get sick so easily = = is it because of the rain ma? Or is it because the restaurant was too cold that day? *Sigh*, I don’t know and I don’t wish to think bout the previous days anymore. Perhaps what I wrote on the previous post was totally wrong, I really misunderstood liao gua.. But anyway this thing is not important to me liao since it is none of my business. I know I shall not bother or care so much when you actually don’t even care bout me. So why should I care bout you in return? I don’t wish to tell anyone about this, even if you ask, I still don’t wish to talk. So forget it ba, or let it be ba… I am sick, so is my heart…

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