17 February, 2008

So this is actually an old post
I typed it halfway on 02 15 2008, but cant finish..so now continue ba…
~[A summary of these few days’ happenings]~

Yesterday, (02 14 2008) it was a Val-dae. Well to single people like me, it is more like friendship day to me. I received small gifts from some friends, and a card that really meaningful. My friend wrote ‘每一个人都会犯错而失去一些自己所珍惜的东西,你也不会例外。。。问题是你有勇气去抢回吗?一个“宝藏” (幸福) 就在你的前面方向你要有勇气去拿到“它”!’
Yea it really made a great difference before, when I was unsure whether to let go or not. But now everything had passed and his sentence did made me felt bit regretted for letting go. Anyway, I did had a nice V-dae because after all it was not meant for couples only. The main point is whether we enjoyed it or not, no matter with who. But for the person who wanted to be with me on this particular day, I was sorry because…well you shall know the reason. If you were to tell me that your V-dae was cham because you were lonely, then I was sorry to tell you that this day is not a big deal, being with friends was great too, somehow sometimes better than being couples. =] that’s what I am experiencing now.

Today, (02 15 2008) it is a tiring Friday. As usual I went to school and meeting. After that went to Vivian’s house to do ‘project’ xD. What a lame experiment we did, somemore with three strangers together with us. One of them is her neighbour, and the other two are his friends. They helped us to make the dough and almost everything [great thankz to them?] BUT they also messed up everything and made the whole ME full of flour =.=” Kinda enjoying and finally succeeded to make the thing we needed =D [thumbs up!]

But… I received a sms from someone, asking me what’s the relationship between me and MR. J***** [why are there so many J***** walking in the path of my life?]. =.=” I was thinking, ‘Huh, me and him? Friends larh, abuden what else u want?’ This person soon told me that he might argue with his gf if he and I kept chatting frequently. My first reaction was, ‘what the?? Why is his relationship with the girl related to me?’ I finally understood that he thought I liked him [wad the?!] and I was the one who was going to ruin their relationship soon. Oh my, why me? He is the one who took the first move to sms with me, takkan I don’t reply him meh =.=” and I wonder why people think that couples should not be close with anyone of opposite sex. And the thing that hurts me most is that why these friends also have such thinking towards me? Really disappointed in them and myself. Now, hope it doesn’t affect our friendship as well as their relationship.

02 16 2008
I was told that they knew that I have had a new target. But I was still blur blur, since when I have one? =.=” I don’t know from where they heard bout this, and does this news actually pass from or to him? I really don’t know, sigh.. if he really thought that I have had a new target, then just continue assuming that it is ba.. It is not important for him anymore. And as for me, I just don’t wish to get involved in this kind of thing yet, hoping that I could control myself from him. –still forgiving and forgetting-

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