23 March, 2008

03 23 08 期待你的爱~

So this coming week will be another hectic week of my life after getting back all the results of my exam. Monday I will be staying for duty, so are Wednesday and Thursday. 3 days of duty in a week?? You must be asking what on earth is going on until I have to duty thrice a week right? Twice for edi room and once for lib. But surprisingly, my mum did not question me when I told her that I was going to stay back on these days. Then Tuesday will be a day of mine to do something I heart xD, perhaps this week will be different, so anyway not sure how am I going to spend my time yet. And Friday will be my bestie’s 16th birthday, hahaz you are getting one year older again xD, so supposed to celebrate with her but the plan wasn’t going right till now. Any better idea on how to celebrate for her? Oh ya mentioning bout her, I almost forgotten that I need to make a box to put in her present since I can’t find any in those places I have visited this weekend T_T. So finally Saturday will be the best day ever of the week =X, I supposed to go to school in the morning for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang { I remembered it was on 28th March last year, and it was a happy day for me due to ‘something’, it was past =] so forget it }, then there will be loads of tuition classes to be attended in the afternoon. And I guess I will be back around 5pm, and I must prepare fast for concert at night~ Looking forward to it since a month ago, but now I think I would have been exhausted at Saturday night after the whole day of traveling and sorts. So how am I going to enjoy it? Sigh~ hope to skip tuition on the day =X. At last, Sunday would be another normal day like today--- tuition and shopping day---with friends…

{{{ I wish to have your support by my side always }}}

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