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24 April, 2008

04 24 2008~

Happy belated birthday, Spell~ Bout the present we gave you yesterday, I think many people already knew about it. LOL I only know that the whole 4F knew it, and you even wrote it in blog T_T… Thanks Daphne for saying that it is the coolest gift ever LOL. But according to someone, when a girl presents such thing to a guy, the naughty thoughts appear automatically. But sorry, that is not what I think. I just feel that it would be a very memorable one, at least you will write it up in your blog right? XD. Bout the happy box thingy, I bought it simply because you are happy Spell, isn’t it so in your blog? >.< And of course it is your big day, so we should make you happy right? Thanks so much to Mr. Goh Boon Pin, for spreading everything around until those 4A’s and 4B’s knew bout this, and having sort of bad impression towards KY and I. Duh, whatever it is, I am glad that I bought it myself, and gifted it to you xD xD.

Today I went for lunch at the restaurant with him. The place was fully occupied, so we sat with two aunties, I think they were those hawkers or something. While the food came and we started eating, an uncle came and sat with us. He said, “ Leng luii, can you move your place abit further there?” He sat beside me, chatting with the aunties. –silence- I had got nothing to say, hence continued eating. LOL they saw we looked like one whole family having lunch together. Duh =.= I really didn’t know that KL people did this too

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