26 April, 2008

04 26 2008~ {{{ 我不想想太多 }}}

Today we went to Karnival Gemilang of SMK Seri Saujana. He was waiting for me at the entrance when I reached there. So we went in and walked round and round the school, browsing through loads of stalls with their very own brochures for us. I met many friends there --- Goon Kee, Li Mei, Kien Kok, Chun Kit, Daniel (OmG he had changed a lot), Rue, Renee, Yen Yi, Yus and loads of our schoolmates, including lou dao and his family =.=” In a group of five (KS, KY, Justin and the missing Yong Han), we went into the haunted house. It was so dark there that I couldn’t see a thing or ghost in it. The place seemed interesting but no, ours is better xD xD. But still we will improve our haunted mansion in future =D. Games? Loads of kids games there I supposed, so nothing much to comment here. Food! Various choices awaiting us, but considered quite expensive lerh. And I spent mmy very first piece of coupon at Daniel/Yenki ‘s stall --- homemade honeydew drink --- an extremely sweet one. I think I only bought waffles, ice creams and drinks in the entire morning. Overall it was fun, at least better than our school one ^^. And coincidentally I met someone whom seemed far from me for already quite a long time. A blend of unhappiness and confusion rushed into my heart. I dared not to say hi to them, in the case that my heart would shatter once again. Do I look sad at the very moment? I don’t know, I am just confused.

I went straight to tuition right after the event. I reached early, hence I sat at the first row of BM class. The tutor came into the class and did something that sort of pissed me off. Whatever you said or did is none of my business. Whatever it was, I knew that you loved embarrassing your students in the crowd like what you did today. Next, I went down to ask Mr. How an Add Maths question which I couldn’t solve, but to my surprise he himself too, did not know how to do it as well. In Physics class, it was revision class today for the entire Chapter 2, so I kinda listened to him while my mind had flown to somewhere I didn’t belong to. Finally, he told me that almost all the answers I circled were wrong. OmG, I got panicked and re-checked. Sadly, I got only 3 questions correct out of 10, sigh… How dumb am I in Physics… Finally, during Add Maths class, the conversation began again…
Mr. How: Sorry arh, gurl. Don’t get angry arh, I will try to get the solution for your question just now.
Me: Oh nevermind (smiles)
Mr. How: Are you ok, gurl? Don’t be sad, I am sorry larh, but honestly I tell you, there are questions in your Add Maths textbook which I can’t solve, you know? Because the questions are already not in syllabus.
Me: (listens)
Mr. How: Is there anything happened today? Why do you look so sad?
Me: Har? No arh, I am okiee
Mr. How: No, I can feel that something is missing from you today. Are you sure that you are really ok today?
Me: Yea (speechless)

His question popped up repeatly during the one-hour class. Do I really look that sad? Or I am just too tired to still stay awake at 4++ pm? Didn’t I hide my sadness all behind? What happened to me? Does the scene I met today really matter that much? Or there’s something else?… @_@” blurrr

{{{ Droplets of water ran through my face,
I sat all alone in a real odd place,
As I stood up to wipe off my tears of despair,
I realized there is no one around me; nowhere.

I have to see myself all alone,
No one to hear me, no one to hold,
Screaming and crying; I wept like a child,
Exasperated, sad ,cold and wild.

By: im3i }}}

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