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28 April, 2008

It was nothing after all...

04 28 2008~
{{{ 4.40pm }}} Just reached home, so tired after walking and raising up my voice for the whole day for the photography session. But it’s nice also larh, coz’ I managed to get into the pictures of 5 clubs/societies --- Librarian Board, Interact Club, Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah, Science and Maths Society, Chess xD. And I got to ponteng class for the whole day, how nice it was, but not so when there were loads of homework to be followed up later. And tomorrow the same thing will be going on as well, wee~ But I knew I couldn’t skip HER class, damn’it. So…the last threes are just for fun and to add up the number of members in the photo LOL. Yea I knew it might sound lame and kinda 38, but who cares since I’d love it. And Ah Soo, thanks for the drinks today, I really didn’t know that you’re so gentleman to buy me the drinks for free LOL. Oh ya before I forget, I would like to apologize to you that I didn’t really bother to talk to you today, due to the busyness, and I just feel not right today =].

04 27 2008~

T_T so sad today, I have lost my pencil case for no reason =.=” I remembered right before I went for tuition class, I put it into my bag while telling me how forgetful I was to leave it at home. Then I got into her car and continued our sojourn to tuition. Finally we sat down right after reaching there. Surprisingly, when I opened my bag, I found it no longer here, but where did it go? Duh…xXx source unidentified xXx. I knew it might be just a cheap pencil case, but it is new, for God’s sake. There are new pens, shaker, highlighter, timetable, and most importantly all the keychains I hanged onto it T_T --- the lil’ red chain from Bali, bought by my bestie, the only and one irreplaceable strawberry key chain which I made it myself some time ago, and lastly the key chain from him for my 14th birthday, I guessed I was not wrong in remembering the origin of those chains. Sigh~ Sadly, nobody found it, she said it was not in the car, and I kinda up sided-down my room in search of the small but useful red case, but finally it was of no sight though…

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