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04 June, 2008

06 03 2008~

Today I spent my entire day with a good friend of mine. The main purpose was to accompany him to his friend’s birthday celebration, but too bad I was too excited as we reached Times Square early, hence went to Neway and sang for two hours xD. Ermmm..sort of feeling guilty lerh coz’ I kept picking my favourite songs and kinda made him bored, LOLz. After 2 hours of singing, we went to meet up his friends at the arcade.

At there, I met one of his friend’s friend, Kar Seng [I am not sure with the spelling], a guy from Kasturi. I always meet him during tuition classes when he always come and go with his gf, but we don’t know each other. He suddenly came to me and greeted me, I guess he was there with a bunch of friends too. Soon the birthday boy reached there and we had lunch at Johnny’s Restaurant. I felt kinda full coz’ I already ate a plate of cheese bolognaise at Neway. So my good friend and I shared a plate of pineapple fried rice and a sundae. [I have got a sweeeeet tooth again xD]

Oh ya, the food there is cheap =D, the prices are almost like McD’s, however choices are kinda limited and all the types of fried rice look almost the same. LoLz don’t know why he kept complaining that he was full although I didn’t see him eat much. After the meal, we took group photos and drank pink-colored sparkling juice. To my surprise, one of his friends even knew my FULL name, thou’ I didn’t even know him at all. He said he recognized me because he had met me before during the KH seminar last year. Oh my..It was almost a year ago, and now you said you still recognize me? =.= weird… However I remembered I only got to know a bunch of SMJK (C) Chong Hwa boys, but not anyone from MBS =.= I just don’t care whether he is telling the truth or not =X… Anyway, it was just a simple yet enjoyable birthday celebration =]

After that, they went for pooling or arcading, I was not sure, and we went for movie =]. At first we wanted to watch Indiana Jones but I bet I would reach home quite late as the movie started at 4pm. So I changed my mind and asked to wacth Narnia 2. I was being selfish again coz’ he had already watched it. xP but he was kind enough to watch it with me again.

An outing of singing k + meeting new people + watching movie = a wonderful outing right? Hehes… Thanks for the meal and movie =] what a great companion I was, xD opppssss I mean what a good companion you are..hehes… Finally I reached home at 7pm, luckily Mum did not babble anything …hahaz…

P/S: I haven’t get the photos from you yet. You must send them to me soon~ xD but there’s no need to apologize so openly in your blog =] Enjoy your camp

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