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12 June, 2008

06 12 2008~

^^ Finally I have finished asking all the teachers and collected money from them. Since the amount is not same as recorded, I have to pay some using my own money @_@” aiks… I have got so tired of walking around today [again?? =.=]

Yah, our trip tomorrow is cancelled T_T feeling shocked when Pn. Raha suddenly told us bout that. Anyway it would still be re-organized and the trip will be held on 26 July [hopefully]. And I have to skip Saturday’s tuition again. T_T I think in the whole month of July, I have to skip ALL my Saturday’s tuition classes..duh.. On the first Saturday of July, I still haven’t decide where should I go--- the carnival or the competition. I know, he told me bout it first, and by right I should go there. But I don’t want to miss the competition thingy because I go there every year and this year will be the same too. Aww… Then 12th July will be our I.U. Day, still have to prepare lots bout it… And 19th July…the competition again, it’s final =D so I MUST go!! LOL Finally 26th July…we are going to Botany Garden of Putrajaya for photography competition^^ looking towards it. Keiyanzbestie, no need to be so upset over it. After all, it is NOT cancelled, it is just postponed =D we can still have fun in another month xD…

And today I have just got the Famine 30 donation card.. Aww I have only collected RM 30++ from people and I still need more people to donate until the amount reaches RM 100.. It’s not easy, I believe…because everyone runs away when they heard of donating… And those teachers are stingy =X =X even my favourite teacher is like that =.=

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