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01 June, 2008

Anorexia Nervosa

It’s Bio class again today.
And he is talking bout this aneroxia thingy.
He pointed me out, saying that I am tall [almost reach his height] but way too skinny LOL. He guessed that I weigh about 40 kg and less than that nia…
LOL and my waist is 22-24 inches =.=
OMG do I look that freaking skinny?? Ermm honestly, I where got so light orwhs =X =X I weigh around 45kg, and my waist is not that small larh =.=” and I felt that mine is kinda fat also, =X 27 inches worh, my sis always complains that I am fat, due to the waist and thigh parts LOL.
Leongleong did mentioned that at my height I need to weigh at least 50 kg, thanks =] I will jia you de, to gain more weight and to look better. Hahaz, but the problem is whether I will be fat or not if I ‘engulf’ a lot of food. Sometimes it’s not that I don’t wish to grow fatter, but it’s just that I can’t gain. Don’t know why…
So he said that if my weight is 15% less than the appropriate weight I should have based on my height, then I am not only considered thin, but also having this anorexia illness @_@ do I? I don’t think so guaaa… just don’t scare me pleaseee…
50-45= 5 – which means I need to gain another 5 kg…
and (5 per 50) times 100 = 10%
Weee~ 10%<15% = I am still healthy =X isn’t it so? LOL

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