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24 September, 2008


This would be a very short post,
Because I am actually forbidden to online these days.
Mum is behind me,
Babbling all day long
And the home has not been peaceful
Ever since the day she said that my exam is around the corner.

I don’t enjoy my stay at home anymore…
I am sorry,
Chin Thong’s party was great
And I have some funny pictures, which I would like to share with all of you
But time is not allowing me to do so.

There is a week holiday next week.
And I am away for concert and vacation.

Yea, Sammi Cheng’s concert.

Mum loves her, so does Sis.
Despite of hating to stay at home with Dad,
I will be following them to Genting for this concert too^^

*Away from home soon…
Sorry, I couldn’t get to see you anymoreeeeee

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