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19 September, 2008

9月19日, 晴

The sound of quarrelling happened again, suddenly. They were not exactly at loggerheads actually as she was just chewing out him in front of us, while he acted as if nothing big happened.

She abhors him, sometimes---for treating her as if she is her boss’ home, doing the same old thing repeatedly. Each and every one of us has the responsibility, whether you are boring or not, you can escape yourself to nowhere. And the worst part is that he just changes himself into some kind of evil creature. It is so irritating that I refuse to even have a glance at him. You are incorrigible.

He loves blurting out rude words incidentally,
Or asking questions repeatedly.
Did he do these on purpose? Or to form a more affectionate bond?
Plain lame.

“Are you dumb?”
“Can you be smarter next time? At least use your brain if you have any”
“I won’t take a shit from that”

Could you imagine someone scolding you dumb right in front of you?
How’d we wish to reply him, “Get out of my way if you don’t need me here”

Hope you understand that we don’t need to get a damn from you too.

You texted me, when I am emo-ing.
You double-talked again.
You prattle and twaddle,
as if I don’t know what you want?
Your stratagem is always the same--- to make me curious and inquisitive, but finally you keep the so-called secret behind me.
Honestly, I don’t want to know a single thing about you or him.
I am plainly aloof and uninterested.
You have made me run up against this before,
So don’t make me disdain you. Please.

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