03 September, 2008

After tuition, I reached LRT station and asked Sis to fetch me home. Since it is the Puasa month, there is food galore beside the station. I texted Sis, asking if I should get her some food for dinner.

And... the accident happened all in a sudden...

Sis called me up, telling me to get myself a cab home because she knocked some one's car a moment ago. I was still blurrrrr ; I just nodded and hung up the phone.

When she finally reached home, she said that it was my fault for sending her the text. @_@ you must be wondering whyyyyy...

She confessed that she was reading my text when a Kancil car suddenly came from the junction in front of her and hence she banged it. The Kancil has only few scratches at the back. Luckily it was a Malay woman who was in a hurry, and she just got RM50 from Sis, since she said she wanted to buat pahala semasa Bulan Puasa ini. But Sis' car [Kelisa]--- the front bumper was totally wrecked and it costs her almost a thousand to repair T_T

And the blame still goes to me...
Anyway don't ever buy a Kelisa =.=
it is sooooooooo soft that a Kancil is even better than it.

At night,
I watched TV for hours at night as usual=.=" but this time I slept super early T_T I feel sick, and searched for sore throat medicine. But I couldn't find any, so I ended up taking in fever medicine.
=.= Good night~

I went to tuition again today, you must be thinking that I am crazyyy =.="
Met ChunHoe in the bus =D with his friend sitting beside me.
At first I didn't know it was his friend and.... Ugh. Let's cut the crap =X.

Then... Bran texted me and he was late for tuition, and skipped AGAIN. Hahas. During class, I sat with the same, ordinary girl. Of course, I chatted with her all the while xD. Maklumlah saye ni mulut muraiiiii. But the way I speak was like............[indescribable] because she speaks Mandarin *sigh~

After class, I thought of going home as usual, but this time luckily Mr. Foo accompanied me =D. Met his friends too, and got mistaken again, LOL. I remembered when we were on the way to the LRT station, I saw him. He was walking with her along the same street, and kept looking at us. Well, perhaps he had some thoughts in his mind. But who cares (: He couldn't do anything he can. Back to Mr. Foo, we went to BJ and waited for my Sis, LOL rich man, sit cab all you want xD.

At night, watched TV again when I suddenly remembered that there will be Module 2 test for Add Math tomorrow T_T I have totally forgotten about it, and I also not sure if I listened wrongly LOL. So who cares (: again.

Tomorrow will pass soon...

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