20 October, 2008

It is the final day of Form4 tuition class today..
Every teacher seems to not have the mood :( dontknowwhy
There will be a month rest until I start the Form5 tuition in PTK…
Some teachers are changed,
According to the new schedule..

Gotta attend stranger’s class, like Mr. GZ =.=”
He looks so scary =Xx…

Miss Leongleong :(
T_T miss his laughter, miss his joke,
Miss the way he teases me LOL

Went to Popular Bookstore with them…
Convinced by Yeewen, I am still considering if I wanna take up Geography by studying on my own..
Sookkuan mentioned bout doing Form6 and Accountings, Yeewen bout Medics.
I don’t know what I actually interested in… T_T
LOL the future is still far from now xDD…

I bought this
Cecelia Ahern- Thanks For The Memories (:
*Finally collected all her novels =D

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