02 October, 2008

You accused the entire world around you.
Everything around you
Seems to be an eyesore.
And I found you exaggerating.

You said you need to take a breath
To clear your mind
To actually understand what’s going on,
To know yourself better.

But still,
You complained bout me,
About me being your closest one yet not enough.
You are expecting me to do more than I can.
Yet I am not leaving.
You need not to love me,
But you want me to do so.

And sick of you I daren’t to say,
But is that any more I can do for you?
To please your sullen mind and soul.

Your unhonesty repeats in my mind.
You thought you could hide it from me,
But well I tell you,
I know it better then anyone else.
I will stay
To change your fraudulent accusation.

don’t ask me who is *you
Respect yourself as well as me

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