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17 December, 2008

12月17日 :
Happy Birthday, StefanieG :D

Yesterday was a day full of excitement and mystery. I was supposed to update it at night, but I was just too exhausted :(

12月 16日, 星期二

Onlined--- I wished to find out more bout this person, but I couldn't. It's complicated :)

Coincidentally I met that person [P/S: KS, you're right. If I don't care bout it, I wouldn't have mentioned it :)]. Knowing that everything in him is fine, I hoped that he didn't see me =X, because whatever happened to me is no longer important to you anymore...

Went to McD for lunch with Sook Kuan and Yee Wen. As mentioned in Sook Kuan's blog, I really met a 变态佬 =.= I was the first one to order among three of us, and hence I got my food first and sat downstairs. The McD in PetalingStreet had limited tables at the ground floor, hence I grabbed one swiftly so that we won't have to climb up the stairs again [as we have got enough of climbing stairs at PTK]. I saw there was a guy [at our age] standing there, I didn't bother him and sat down.

He ran to his Dad saying, "Dad, have a look, our place is being seated by others *angry tone*"
His Dad just nodded =.="

As soon as Yee Wen and Sook Kuan got their meal and sat with me, that guy reacted AGAIN, saying, "Oh 3 person sitting here only izzit?"

We were all thinking that his mental must have some problem =X. Then I went to get us some chilli + tomato sauce at the dispenser. He came to me and whispered at my ears. "Nei hou yeh!"

Ignoring him, I went back to my seat = =
Finally, he followed his Dad upstairs and somehow murmured words like cursing us [or ME to be precise =X].

Kinda late going into the class =X... Received a text from Sir, and no more reply from him after I replied =.="So weird... I don't know what happened actually @_@"

Reached home and bathed. And went out to night market with my family.

Got the number from pan mee stall--- No.72. And at that moment it was only No.46--- which means we still had to wait for quite a long hour =.= The boss even told us to walk around the night market and not to return to the stall so quickly LOL.

Finally it's our turn to eat :D I was starving T_T" Sis was angry with Mum, Mum was not happy with her. The environment was so cold =/

Finally finished shopping around the night market. Bought clothes again xD, Dad sponsored all, how awesome xD!!

Bathed and slept =X, sorry for those whom I didn't reply their text LOL.

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