03 December, 2008

My ordinary day starts :D From waking up, having breakfast, downloading movie, blablabla to the moment I went out..... The bus came LATE today, and we waited for 45 minutes so that we could finally get ourselves there exactly at 2.30pm when the bell rang. At this hour, the place is almost fully occupied when someone indeed offered us some seats :] We didn't chat much, but hopefully he will go on this Friday :)

I made a silly mistake today by enquiring something I shouldn't =X. I practically didn't expect you to answer me that you're not invited. A reluctant smile from you already shows it all. I had the list in my hand, which makes me loath to present myself on the occasion. The figure 1530 eventually withdraws me from attending it hereafter =X

OmG did I mention that I found Mr. Fong Yoke Siong in our school magazine?
He was in 5 Ikhlas in year 1998 !! Check it out if you wish to :)
By the way, he loveslovesloves drawing xD


Did you see this the night before?

I received few text messages from friends, asking me to have a look at this.
But that time I was still blur =Xx.

On the next day, I saw this on newspaper...
Now I found out it was the nicest scene ever,
a crescent moon and two twinkling stars
forming a smiley face :)

For those who couldn't see it :)
Here are some pictures

The crescent moon near the planets Venus and Jupiter :]
*Of course, photographs are not as beautiful as the real scenery

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