09 January, 2009

10 Jan - Happy 19th Birthday, Chun
I love this great brother of mine~ Although he has left school, he would still remember me at all times and surprisingly, he used to find me for a chat whenever I am not in a good mood. I always wonder why and how he could always choose the correct timing to update life stories with me. Thanks-a-lot for being the first, very awesome listener of mine for the past whole year ♥

9 Jan - Happy 17th Birthday, JM !!

*The prezzie from us xD
The best present he ever received eh? LOL
Sorry that I couldn't make it for the celebration,
I knew the hair thingy is quite a silly excuse.
BUT Mum is always on top of everything,
so I have no choice but to obey~ =Xx

8 Jan - Happy Belated 18th Birthday, Ying ~

I love this senior of mine :) She is great, always great~ Thanks for being my listener and guiding me for the whole year~ I love you too xD

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