18 January, 2009

Genting Trip =D

It is super great to have such a trip with friends,
as we can actually know and understand each other better
[ It makes me know the REAL you =) ]

I had soooooooooo MUCH fun there through playing, eating, sleeping, screaming, jumping, throwing, scolding, shopping, and singing =D

Inside the skyway~

Us =D Thanks to Carol, the photographer :)

Us again xD... JM was trying to be funny xD

Going uphill =D

To the hotel lobby...

CNY decoration again...

The lanterns were beautiful =)

At the OUTdoor theme park~

The Super Toboggan's slide :D

Ms. FiSh and Ms. Cheng =DD

Kui Seong was scolding vulgar =Xx !!

Everyone was spinning till very dizzy =.=" and SooN wanted to vomite after this game =Xx

Look at Leon, he was soooooo sad

But when it flew, Leon was cheerful once again =D

The Pirate Ship xD... We purposely sat at the first and last row, to enjoy tremendously...

Grand Prix Fun Kart =D *I sucked at driving OMG!

LOL I felt that I looked silly with the hat on =Xx

In the native's hut xD

They were feeding my relatives =)

Ferris Wheel =D Slow, but nice :)

I wanted to ride this T_T"!! But nobody accompanied me...
It was once my favourite game when I was a little kid :)

Took some pictures while waiting for them playing Space Shot xD
KhengYang and I daren't to play LOL!! =Xx

Can you see who are they on the ride? xD

In the room No. 20915~

We stayed at First World Hotel :)

My monkeyyy plushie, with the Doll named Leon xD!!

I heart my mynciii :)

Keiiyan and I =D

Our messy bed xD

Us =D Sleeping in the same room for the whole night~

SooN came early in the morning to meet us =.=
I "hate" him for not sleeping with us the night before xD!!

Both with hats xD

Camwhoring, while others were busy talking at the back

At the INdoor theme park =D

The beautiful night scenery in First World Plaza~

Dark FiSh and Dark KaiSheng xD

Oppsss...someone's face was cut off =Xx

Starbucks!! KaiSheng owed me a drink T_T

Me and Him =.="Does he look like a thieve with his cap on? xD!!

He was trying to wear my specs =.=

He was praying hard to have Her back to him xD!!

:) The scene

LOL peace !! xD but I don't look cute here T_T

I wondered why he kept saying that this is the ugliest picture =.=

Keiiyan felt dizzy?? LOL

LOL they smiled even in the jail xD

Again--- camwhoring xD

In the Snow World___

The coolest place in Malaysia I guess? xD

The beloved Mr. A =DD

Thieve CheeKuan xD

Jinn and I =D

Xing and Fui Nyuk concurred the 'hill' xD

FatFiSh and JiaMeng =)

Darlings and I =)

LOL hill-climbing session =.=

Little panda =D

The food =)

Rm15.80 only!! xD, with soup and drinks altogether!

Beef =D although I don't eat them

The buffet had this too =)

At the Amazing 10 Animal Kingdom~

WahWah and I =D

KenMin and I took picture outside the ladies xD
Everyone fell asleep while on the way back to Seri Petaling

Although we didn't take much photo, but I will cherish and keep the moment spent together as the best memory ever :)

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