13 January, 2009

Here comes the second week of school. I start to get used to the ordinary routine of my life--- the days staying at home without the visits to Times Square and shopping craze anymore.

And the history repeats xD.
Today is the first time I was late for school in 2009---
I did not wake up late,
I did not dress up late,
I did not freshen myself late,
I was not supposed to be late practically.
LOL but the fact is I WAS late T_T
I will TRY not to get caught so often as well =Xx

[I don't mean to be a bad scholar]

Oh ya, I skipped tuition classes today xD. Reason? It is simply because I don't want to go today. Isn't it the best reason I have? Actually, I don't want to meet anyone extraordinary today, hence I decided to stay at home :)

He asked me why on Earth am I so busy each day? >.< Good question xD. Actually I wanna let you know that this year, my Mum becomes MORE strict and I am not allowed to do lots of things [the NOT-to-do list goes longer this time]. I am actually quite free everyday xD, but I ‘seem’ busy when everyday doesn’t see me online-ing anymore.

Anyway, I am excited over the trip this coming Friday :D Hope time comes quickly!

*Purplelicious xD*

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