04 March, 2009

Alright, I was tooooo busy to blog yesterday, hence putting every yesterday's significant happening here.

Yep. It was 3 March 2009, when I woke up early in the morning to wish this guy Happy Birthday. However, now I understood why he did not bother to reply --- because he hated me for not wishing him when I saw him at school =X

So yea. This is Mr. Turtle and I.

Happy Belated 17! (:

As planned, I did not wish him Happy Birthday at school or give him the present at the very same day xD, so that he thinks that everyone forgets bout his big day LOL = =" . He seemed not to care, but I knew he cared bout it a lot (:

=D Saringan at MSN was great although I was all wet being a photographer there. I am sorry for skipping school, for missing the whole important day. LOL.

I think Satia grabbed a lot of medals for our Yelllllll-ow house (:
Gogogo, Bendahara!
We might not the best, but yet we must not be the worst one LOL!!

With the stink and the awful look, I was made to go for tuition classes [no choice due to lack of time T_T]. I met this fella while on the pathway to PTK.

Lemme' ask you, what do you feel when someone who was once close to you ignored you all the way when he met you? OR what is your feelings when this close person ran away as soon as he saw you walking near him? :( I have nothing to talk to you, BUT isn't a "hi" enough to quit it all? The coldness from you, I could not resist...

4 March '09--- On the very same day in the previous year, I remembered exactly what had happened, and the sweet memories which I' d miss them sometimes nowadays. And today is totally a wreck LOL. I kept myself busy all the day, with things that I don't feel like doing actually =Xx. I tried my best to please everyone--- trying hard not to scold them no matter how they ignore my words, faking a smile* in front of them to get their attention and co-operation. Oh well, It was just an ordinary, boring, troublesome routine. Yet I am not complaining, because I enjoyed taking this responsibility and working out for it (:

Shopping! I need fresh air from the concept stores!

*The blogger (:

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