13 March, 2009

"Happy Holiday" is the usual phrase we heard (:

To be precise, is mine going to be exactly 'happy'?
People around me will all be away from KL ): so sad xD.
Stuck in the city for the entire week, none but a cripple will stay at home all the time.
I would...
Probably going for marching practice every couple of days,
Sneaking out from home too xD,
Throwing away the pile of homework [perhaps? LOL!].

The cold,breezy Friday,
Being caught to march for competition at the new canteen.
*yawn* I don't wish to argue over it anymore.

Acara tarik tali :D

Thanks to the anxious teacher of ours,
Bendahara managed to get into the finals for both genders ;D
Congrats Yellllllllllow team

♥ Wow. Thank YOU for referring me as a 'baby' once again xD.
Even Kit said that I'm childish :P

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