01 March, 2009

I felt great for wasting my whole morning doing this =)
although I was forced to wake up at 6.30am
no matter how I refused to.
Because I knew I must do my job well
and finish up my Moral Kerja Amal too

*Pretending to be emo? xD JM, great job!

Now I realised that our school's organisation is actually THAT big =X

"Yeng" picts?? I NEED more pictures like this! =D

=) Thanks to Carol, May Yen and the gurls for this

5 Gigih's slogan: "We are SCIENCE people"
xD Copyright reserved.
Inspired by Pn. Siti Zakiah aka CikguAyuSentiase xD

=D Ben's artwork! Their class is soooo fortunate

After school,
bunch of us went shopping and for movie =D
Thanks Chickenbun, Jiameng and Spell
for helping me to hold the umbrella xD.
Thanks besties and guys
for the fun and crapz of the day =D
Thanks Mr. Turtle
for the movie (:
Thanks to myself
for skipping ALL the tuition classes of the day too!

Kiddy Jiameng xD!! I love this =)

SooN ignored us T_T!!

The best one ever taken =)
Credits to SpellDarlinggggg.

Sorry guys
for letting you down ='(
For you guys weren't able to watch that "Love Matters 爱情万岁"
because of my MMZ [muimuizai] look =.="

why on Earth must the movie be 18PL?
LOL! So it is not [perhaps?] my fault lerh =Xx
After watching "Kung Fu Chef"
I heard people complaining around T_T
which made me felt from bad to worse ):

If you would like to continue
pretending as if nothing happened,
ignoring whatever I ask or say to you,
then I promise,
you are NOT my good friend anymore.
I hate myself for not loving you anymore.
I am sorry.

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