28 May, 2009

Today’s topic: Mr. Loke :)
[P/S: HappybirthdayKHOOKWANYEW!]


I just reached home (:
Thanks to DaddyLoke and
my job can be done so efficiently!

After school today,
I didn’t do my duty in the library
[but I bet nobody cares huh? =X]
Instead, DaddyLoke fetched me to
DHL near Bandar Puteri, Puchong
to deliver a document overseas.

It costs RM42 to deliver it to Singapore,
BUT with their promise
that it would reach there safely tomorrow,
DaddyLoke paid the courier service charge for me.
Aww. How nice of him!
I told him that I have brought enough money,
But he just didn’t listen.

Before arriving to DHL branch,
We went around the enormous Bandar Puteri,
Searching for that particular courier company.
Going from one shop to another,
We managed to reach the place.
It took us more than half an hour going around like this,
I felt bad for wasting his petrol = =

What a wonderful papa he is ><
Dad will grumple and mumble
if I made him going a place he is not familiar with
just to deliver a parcel.

In conjuction with
the Teacher’s Day celebration tomorrow,
I have prepared something for him!
A very serious-looking, macho gift xD!

I learnt that Pilot pen is much cheaper than Parker one.
Parker: RM 250++, Pilot is only less than a hundred!
In fact, this is my most expensive gift ever to people haha.

The engraved name is the feature that makes this pen become
more meaningful and of higher sentimental value :)

*Thanks God for bestowing me such a great teacher!

P/S: 9 days left T_T

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