24 July, 2009

Bite: The Relaxing Friday

Finally I am back to school. Just for the Chemistry class. I didn’t bother to finish up the homework I missed yesterday. Ah, who cares? They just didn’t check our exercise books so often x)

Today’s assembly was about the closing ceremony of the Language Week. And I got this book: RM5.60. Oh I remembered I just told Farah the other day that this book is not a good one, for the content is limited. As Mr. Murugan always say, “we must not write rubbish for the novel question”.

Let’s give her a chance to pose, since she was so excited. We hid in the APD room during recess time and did all these. *yawn* what to do? We had nothing better to do anymore ):

Aiksss… Vivian, why you didn’t want to go to his birthday party?

Ignore my messy hair =X

JoeyC was trying to use my Sony camera like her DSLR. Of course, this is not as good as a DLSR, but at least the effect is not that bad though. You shall know the difference if you look at it properly.

Siew Wen ; Sze Hui ; Jian Ni

Ah my sweeties! I gonna miss you girls next year ): APD room was the place of laughter of us for the past week, in preparation for the carnival day. And today.. we were here again, sharing the smiles. But let’s see, they were not obeying our librarian rules for wearing the ties at such length xDD.

Alamak =X bookmark dah terbalik

I went home safely at 12.30 noon. Dumping the Chemistry book aside, I excitedly told Mum that I would be going out to Times Square with babes for shopping! Surprisingly Mum not only didn’t have me grounded, but also told me to have a nice outing. Awww, how sweet of her

Pink: The excitement.

Bathed. Ready to go out with Carolyn and Keiiyan xDD. It had been a real long time since I have been to shopping mall. I knew I simply needed a break from all the stupid days in school and tuition classes. I heart my new necklace-- RM17.90, for Sis’ site :)

Cellie ; Purse ; Cash
The must-haves in my bag.

I was rushing to get everything done, so just simply chose some needed things and left home. Oh ya. Brought along my bottle of water too, hoping not to die out of water.

black queen Shopping Queens!

The KFC group reached there around 3p.m. [KumkeiyanFongszehuiCarolyntay is also KFC LOL!] And we were lacking of time because we needed to reach Sri Petaling by 6p.m. Just 3 hours of shopping and we managed to buy lots of CLOTHES. Ahh I just needed to reorganize my closet :)

The bracelet, buy 1 free 1 xDD!

Best bargains of bracelets! Mine is starry lovey, and Keiiyan’s and Carol’s is lovey dovey. We promised to wear them together <33 align="justify">

Not only that, each of us also bought the same piece of dress. Mine is same color as Carol’s, while Keiyan’s is of the same design. Yay, I spent a lot today--- 2 dresses and 1 pair of shorts are not enough yet. Will be going to Times Square again on Sunday, hopefully I can buy MORE :D


P/S: If you don’t want to talk to me anymore, just stop making a fuss over me.

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