06 September, 2009

Bite: :D A relaxing shopping day.

American chocolate cake,
I don’t get bored of this as my breakfast xD!

The hundred reasons to smile ; Even during exam season.

I would not be able to cope with studies with so much stress without any entertainment. Since tomorrow we will be only having Moral Studies exam, I didn't bother to focus on studies today.

And I chose shopping to be my first priority today ;) A visit to Mid Valley; a place that I’ve not been there for so long! Sis drove me there, as usual :D We planned a movie of “The Final Destination” but still the person at the counter stops me from obtaining the ticket because the movie is being stated as 18SG.

)): Awww… When only can I be eligible for this kind of movie?

Am into this lately instead of a revision book!

I never missed an opportunity to get into MPH bookstore as I am indeed a bookworm :X! I finally bought this although I have been aiming for this so long whenever I saw it in Popular Bookstore. The Twilight Companion is basically a guide for all Twilight fans [including me!] which gives millions of readers the information that they've been waiting for since Book One.

Today was actually a day of window-shopping of mine because I am dry out of cash lately.
I only managed to bring this accessories home, which costs RM10 only!
I love the skates on it ((:

I hope you mean what the craving says.

And this, I look out for this in the shopping complex, but I couldn’t find something exactly of the same design as this. This ring actually comes in a pair and I’ve lost one of them :X Now I am searching for its substitute but to no avail. It is just irreplaceable )):

♥ 永远的永远 ;我坚持的都值得坚持吗?

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