08 September, 2009

A whole Biology day )):
[I feel so blueee...]

Biology exam is tomorrow!
It is always my weakest Science subject ever T____________________T

I am already dead in Biology Paper 3 last week.
Really don't hope to D-I-E again tomorrow )):

*Daw Fang's. When am I going to return this to him? :X

The new Success Biology reference book comes along with this pocket notes. And the newer version looks more attractive than the one I am having now ): I prefer colorful books with various pictures [Opps... do I sound like little kid?]

Stupid Chapter 2 :X!

I am not cursing this, don't worry.
I just don't get how to memorize everything about the verte....brae... ?
[I am just too lazy to even bother bout the spelling]

Even this "oh-so-interesting" chapter made me fall asleep = =

In fact, I am actually weak in all Form5 chapters, regardless of the content of the chapters. And, I am always scared of Biology. The previous exam I indeed scored well because of the tips I've got earlier on. And this time I don't hope to utterly depend on all the exam tips given by friends.

If I really do so, I am sure that I wouldn't be able to survive through the actual SPM examination. My tutor, too, knows about the pre-exam question tips I obtained for last week's exams and he discourages me to sort of CHEAT [the pre-exam tips I mean!] during exam.

*Please tell me that I can do it!
I must NOT disappoint my Biology tutor, Mr. Fong T_________T

♥ 答应我好好过这三个月…

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