27 September, 2009


SMKBBSP Mooncake Mid-Autumn Festival

Alright, I mind my language. Someone in Facebook has made me corrected my English since it sucks. Mooncake Festival is a no-no because Mid Autumn is the correct phrase here.

Everything happened yesterday… 26 Sept ’09, Saturday night.

I was having tuition classes from 12noon till 4.10pm and rushed home so that I can be on time for the celebration in school. During the class, I went for lunch with Vivian and ate together with Mr. How. He showed his gentleman-ness by donating money to an old lady. During the meal, I reminded Viv bout the function in school at night, and at that time she realized that she had to go home early from church and skip her marvellous dinner at home.

5.45pm. I thought I was terribly LATE, I just reached home not long ago when Kheng Yang texted me that he was going to fetch me soon. It was sad to hear that Lip Kin couldn’t make it for the occasion at school because he has to attend a wedding dinner with his family ):

And the driver started off to fetch the darling Shin Mei. And I took a few shots of her coming out from her beautiful house. Look, she was holding “something”!


Fetched Fung Soon next, followed by Bun.

And Bun wore the Chinese Society tee when everyone was attired in casual wear. All of us shouted at him when he went into the car, and we made him went up to change.


See, he is much more leng zaiii now =D

After yawning during the speech, they finally had the opening ceremony.
The banner is creatively painted with the committees. Great eh?

The dance.
The girls are the usual people who are involved in every dancing performance in school,
so we focused on the guys this time. Wai Kin (right) looks very cute while dancing xD!!!

Miss Sim looks CUTE in this blouse, don't you think so? :)
The weird thing was that they started off with the lucky draw session,
and my darlings JoeyC and Carolyn were the lucky ones :D

The sky is getting darker and darker.
Glad that we finally need not to sit under the hot yet setting sun.

If the trees in school are decorated like this,
the school would look much better than now.

May Gel and I
She looks awesome with her dress-like blouse :)
With blurring Vivian at the left corner.

The colourful lanterns =)
Thank God for the beautiful weather at that night,
or else we would not be able to stay outdoors playing with these.

It is my best friend ♥ playing with the candles of A1.
*prays* Let's get A1 together in SPM!

Success in relationship?
They said that if you light up the candles here,
the God would answer your prayer in each field you asked for.

And this,
I don't want any =\

I think it should be health ba?
Hope to be in pink of health always.
Since exam is so near, I must really don't fall sick = =

100% and A1,
These are the hopes of every scholar on Earth.
But hard to achieve T_____________________T

They're actually burning the masterpiece they made.
Lots of newspaper were arranged in letters "月来月圆"
But from the burning paper, you can't really see the words already.

And the burning papers caused bad pollution to Sri Petaling
(Thank God it is not the whole KL =X).
The choking smell disturbs me for the whole night ):

Socks and I.
Ignore my fringe AGAIN please = =
I had a real bad hair cut there.

Carmen =)
It had been a really long time since I took the last picture with her,
since the day she moved to other class :(

The game session. And the handsomes.

It looks very much alike with the one we had in MBS last Friday.The musical chair there was cancelled due to the heavy rain. But this time, almost everyone got involved in playing. Except us, the sayangs. We were standing aside and busy taking pictures.

I was actually self-posing with her but my hand is very inobedient at that night, because out of 10 shots, none of them is CLEAR [Hey that's worse than TERRIBLE!]. ALright, sue me for being a poor photographer. And finally we got Lynn to take the picture for us :D

The photographer, Lynnn.

She had MANY colourful bands on her hand, when each of us only gets ONE from the reception counter ): Again, she is covering her pretty face while photoshooting me. In fact, we were actually shooting each other that time xD!

The night ends just like that.

I think many people around me told me that it is indeed a boring event. But… I think it is still a success when they managed to make an awesome, meaningful video about the committees who worked really hard for this which makes everyone paid attention at that moment :D Thumbs up for them!

My friends went for mamak session after the event, while Joey's Sis fetched me home. I knew my mind was somewhere else for the whooooooooole night! :X I was actually very sleepy that time--- I knew I needed at least 8-hour sleep each day so that I would not topple easily the next day.

So I went home early, and slept around 11++. Yet I still cannot wake up the next morning = = Mum was yelling at me around 7.30am because I would have to get out from the house around 8.10am for tuition classes *yawn*! Now I understand why did Mr. Fong always cancel his first lesson on Sundays :X

The chocolates from Famous Amos.

This reminds of one whom I didn’t speak with for the whole night. I wanted to binge in these yummy chocs but I told myself I am really getting fatter and fatter, so a big NO to myself.

10 assorted flavours in the packet. I guess it would be nice =)
I would eat these IF and only if I can get slimmer after the reopening of school!

Alright everyone.
It is time to go to school again.
“ Work hard, loves!
Don’t wait for Christmas ”

--- Quote by Mr. Murugan :D

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