25 September, 2009

With the tuition mates…

3rd floor, Sungei Wang

It is my first time playing roller-skating.
Whenever people ask me out for this [since one is opened in Carrefour],
I would only answer, “Har…duwan lerh.. I scared”
But finally now I make myself joining this game,
Hoping that I could improve in sports )):

I fell 3 times---
Twice due to failing of balancing,
Once because of someone pushed me from the back.
I think I hurt my right palm coz’ I am having difficulty to write now,
Although I told Louis that I’m alright for a million times.

Louis ; FiSh ; Steven

Although the festive season has passed, but Sungei Wang’s decoration is still with this
while other malls have all changed to Lantern Festival decoration.

We were late for 2 pm movie in Times Square after the roller session,
Hence we quickly rushed to Pavilion for the same movie at 2.25 pm.
And these are the two talkative fellows during the whole outing =X

Pavilion’s cinema ticket counter is almost empty,
So we quickly bought the tickets and had a drink in Glitters Café.
Chung Siu got his food packed, so that he can eat in the cinema.
The small drink on the left costs RM8.90, and the large one costs RM6.90.
Weird duh?

While Desmond kept camwhoring and playing with MY MIRROR!
Dia tak henti-henti dengan girlie cermin aku = =

吓到笑 ; Where Got Ghost?

I think my last experience in cinema was in the end of May, for Angels and Demons.
Can you imagine how LONG I haven't stepped into a cinema?
And now I finally watched this [After longing for this more than a week]!!

Now I feel like everywhere around me got ghost *creepy*---
Including the streets, forest and even HOME!

This is the first time I watch horror movie in cinema,
when Louis covers me eyes during the accident scene of the sifu named 阿财.
Although the movie is not scary at all.

Chung Siu’s receipt.
A lunch for himself only, and he spent THAT MUCH =X
Maklumlah dia orang kaya kan..

Louis ; Desmond ; Steven
Anyone interested in any of them?
x) I can always introduce to you.

Okay this time we use timer on the camera.
I keep adjusting the position until Desmond gets tired already.

Glitters’ Merchandise ; get ’em for me!
This reminds me of Ratatouille =)

Ordered by me to take photo under the coconut tree.

After the movie, we are going to leave Pavilion
since we are not able to afford buying the stuff here without our parents along.
And let’s grab a chance to take pictures EVERYWHERE before leaving!

And the pinky purposely shows his unhappy face when posing with me ):

We’re posers!

Thanks to a leng lui for shootting this x)

Goodbye Pavilion!
I promise myself I gonna visit you ONLY after SPM [Hopefully =X]

Louis from MBSSKL, Desmond from SMK Raja Abdullah, Steven from SMK Bukit Bandaraya.
Same arrangement of them again,
= = Thanks Pinky for liking photo shooting so much.

Me + You =)
Credits to Steven, the photographer in school.
[High five! We have the same job!]

The pedestrian who took this picture wanted to cut us into half,
Look at the white-colored line between Desmond and I =((

Had a great time by having my first tuition-mate outing =)
It is not easy to gather 4 persons from 4 different schools and areas together.
I know we don’t get to meet every week like how we do now when the tuition classes end in October.
And I would really miss these moments

=) Thanks for the memories.

Goodbye people!
SPM is only 54 days away,
Enough of holidaying and it’s time to strive hard together!
Jiayouuuus! :D

♥ Keep the dreams in mind, and don’t fade away.


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