20 August, 2010

Arigatou gozaimasu!

Mr. J is indeed my all-time best friend ;D

Thanks for the hot comments on my entry “You Don’t Read My Blog Anymore!”. Now I realized, around 10% of my readers actually read (not scan through) my blog posts.

Should I say, “Only 10%” or “Wow, that’s a great figure!” ?

Anyway, through the comments I found many bloggers feel the same as me. It makes my previous post sound like a ‘heart-to-heart’ talk!

Special thanks to
for their precious comments ;D

I know, I know. This blog is getting more and more commercialized.
I started off this blog with only 3 stars, rated by Nuffnang.
Without me realizing, it increases to 4 stars already ;D
BUT… one more bar is missing, anyone can tell me why?

I’ve only put on this blogger widget for less than two weeks,
and the feedback from all of you is really awesome! =)

Thanks those who are willing to reveal their Facebook account and be my blog’s followers too!

And this is impressive!
A million thanks to a thousand and twenty people here ;D

Do support FiSh’s Chateau always!

You can find all these “Follow Me” and “Like” at the sidebar!
Do click-click if you feel like =)


  1. wa..u are awesome! just in 2 week time u got so many readers? wa..how u do it? teach me..haha

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wow... thats so awesome.. hehe.. like lydia said.. just in 2 week... u go gurll... aim so impress with u... keep on writing ya.. hehe

  4. woots ! Thats a lot of likes on facebook wei ! :D Grats !

  5. i saw my name! AWESOMENESS AWESOME! XD

  6. haha... my name pon ada? thanx! :)

    btw, i think followers widget cannot be trusted la. people just click the follow this blog button but most of them didnt actually follow the blog la. :(

  7. wah..din expect to see my name there. free publicity already! arigatou back to you! ganbatte kudasai! ;)

    and have a good weekend =D

  8. Whoa, famous already heh. Thanks for putting my name at the top of the "thanks" list :P

  9. hey bestie! just to tell u that I still catch up your blog as always. Just that you changed ur style for reader to leave comment. Sometimes I find it troublesome to log in here and leave comment. I prefer more leaving comment on the chatbox but it seems that it's only flooded by "drops by" message from others till even if you replied my comment, I cant saw it :( Why not create the second chatbox for ppl to comment? just a suggestion tho :) and sry, just read ur previous post by today. I actuli read every of ur word on the post instead of seeing picture oni o :) life is not that free after started this sucks life so until myself is not so free to actuli bother my own blog :( sometimes when u wrote advertisement so there is nothing much to comment. hope u dun mind yah. >.<
    thats all. keep up blogging yah. will always support ur blog <3

  10. thanks for putting my name up there girl!! really appreciate it :) and what u've achieved (the facebook like page, and the number of followers) is just WOW! hehe~ keep it up, and i'm sure u'll make it big!

  11. I got 5 stars haha XD

    U will get ur 5th if more ppl click on it:)

  12. LOL I got read your blog, but never tell you only =P

  13. same like vincent. i read ur blog but didnt say nia =D


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