08 October, 2010

4.0 ❤

Ever since I started playing Facebook, this is the very first time...
First time that 28 people LIKE my status! ;D

Thanks people, thanks a gazillion for your support;
I will study harder, I'd hope I keep my promise.


  1. hoho....i want to like it too...desperately want 4.0...huhu

  2. Good luck! I'm still curious and worried about mine. :\

  3. Congrats~!

    study hard,
    study smart,
    strike 4 the best!

  4. @Kianfai: no leh, syok sama-sama ;D

    @Ayeem: hehes! cuba teka

    @Aidil: lets work hard together ;D

    @ira: fight tgt ;D

    @Hilda: thankss <3

    @Shuwen: jy tgt then (;

    @Mag: xie xie, xie xie xD!

    @Parkcheek: fehmes what @_@

    @Wenyi: you're smarter =P

    @Jiamin: no worries, be hapi (;

    @Saysay: same goes to u (;

    @Kelvin Tan: hahas nola i dont like iPhone =P

    @Kelvin: nvm nvm


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