06 October, 2010

Welcome Home, Dell

My new lappie finally arrives from Penang ;D

Do you remember I have a spoilt note book last few weeks?
Oh yeah it is Dell again--- Dad insisted to buy me this brand = =

I actually thought of buying a Hewlett Packard (HP! la duh) notebook, but
#1 It is much more expensive than the one I bought now
#2 My friend told me the 'screen part' would come off easily from the main keyboard, any idea why?

The new lappie comes with Windows 7 ; And computer noob like me awesomely LOVE this!

Look at the dashboard, it is fully equipped with the main icons you'd need to use oftenly.

Oh I love the function of having sticky note on the desktop ;D ;D
Simply put a note there would remind me to do something immediately!

And thank God, I love this kind but stupidguy
for providing an unsecured connection so that I can borrow his Wi-Fi to surf the net ;D

But everything has its pros and cons, including this new lappie.
It is heavenly made in China. I do hope it lasts long.
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