06 October, 2010

Welcome Home, Dell

My new lappie finally arrives from Penang ;D

Do you remember I have a spoilt note book last few weeks?
Oh yeah it is Dell again--- Dad insisted to buy me this brand = =

I actually thought of buying a Hewlett Packard (HP! la duh) notebook, but
#1 It is much more expensive than the one I bought now
#2 My friend told me the 'screen part' would come off easily from the main keyboard, any idea why?

The new lappie comes with Windows 7 ; And computer noob like me awesomely LOVE this!

Look at the dashboard, it is fully equipped with the main icons you'd need to use oftenly.

Oh I love the function of having sticky note on the desktop ;D ;D
Simply put a note there would remind me to do something immediately!

And thank God, I love this kind but stupidguy
for providing an unsecured connection so that I can borrow his Wi-Fi to surf the net ;D

But everything has its pros and cons, including this new lappie.
It is heavenly made in China. I do hope it lasts long.


  1. Yes! It's made in China, that's why I'm worried. :\ By the way, about the sticky notes, where did you find it? :D

  2. your dell 6400 throw away ady?

  3. congratz new laptop, huhu, wondering when mine will die, haha, wana get new one, lol (gonna b 5 years old in few months time)

  4. comin here..visiting ur site..have a nice day

  5. wow! cantik nya. I want to have my Dell netbook too hopefully soon I can get also the super pink. congratz!

  6. my notebook is DELL too~ xD u like penguin ah? xD

  7. Dell.. can't drool on that. But u can't compare prices of laptops without their specs. Personally I think HP would be better coz I have both, u'r paying Dell for their services only, HP have better quality and specs.

  8. I've a HP and an Acer, HP is the best..

  9. i'm so jealous with u rite now...hehehe

  10. my lappie is fujitsu ori japan. getting old now. doubt to get new one. all china republic made nowadays. even iphone 4 is china made lol! my next lappy must be alienware m15. its dell made,china made too?? argh stick to my my old strong lappy lah.

  11. Many things are made in China.

    In fact, my iPod was assembled in China. yeah, they used a better word - assembled, instead of made. Just to make the buyers feel better. lol

    My fren who went to US bought a pair of Adidas shorts. Ironically, it was made in Malaysia!

  12. Dell rocks :D
    mine called 小红 :D urs got name ald ma? XD
    1-year-old ++ already my 小红 XD http://kkspirit.blogspot.com/2009/09/coming-soon.html


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