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23 July, 2011

My Worst Experience with Spaghetti!


During the weekend, I had one of my lunches @ The Spaghetti Farm, located at Mid Valley Megamall. It's located at the ground floor, with a huge varieties of other food choices. But on a typical Saturday, all shops are fully occupied except this. It is like Mc Donald, KFC and any other fast food chain, simply because---

Spaghetti nowadays is made into fast food too!

:) It's me, with this multi-layer piece of top.

Soup of the day: Chicken soup with parsley :) I love this.

Mince chicken spaghetti with carbonara sauce. @ RM 9.90
Fyi, this is the worst spaghetti I've ever eaten in my entire life.

Personal comment:
#1 The sauce is too bland and watery.
#2 Too much noodle with too little sauce.
#3 Doesn't worth the price.

Let's do a direct comparison!

This is what I had before, at Pizza Milano @ One Utama.
The sauce is indeed awesome! :D Creamy enough to suit my appetite.

-.- You can know which tastes better by just looking at the pictures!

And this: Chicken bolognese @ RM 9.90
Spot the flaw in this bowl! The sauce is also watery as you can see the orange-colored liquid -.-

I really don't understand why they use cow as the main icon for the shop.

The ambience? It's undeniably looking okay, or rather I should say it's only so-so?

I will never ever walk into this shop again, eventhough every other shop is full of people. I'd rather starve, or skip a meal, seriously. LOL!


  1. LOL. i lost appetite by just looking at the pic.
    but the one u had at Pizza Milano is quite tempting ! yummy ! <3

  2. LOL.. I can definitely cook a better pasta then this shop. gosh! the Mince chicken spaghetti with carbonara sauce looks appalling.

  3. Errr... I always wanted to try that. I'm glad I didn't by reading your post now... Looks very 'zai' and no standard though..

  4. Wowwww.....spagetti my feberet yummy.
    make me hungry -___-

  5. I've been to Spaghetti Farm, the food are a bit tasteless to me though.

  6. omg..hmn..okay..i will never step into that restaurant><

  7. omg..hmn..okay..i will never step into that restaurant><

  8. i think te spaghetti i make myself look better...maby i shud consider a spaghetti restaurant..haha

  9. I heard lotsa bad comments on this restaurant. =D I cook for you next time lah! hahahaha

  10. thought of going there. but now i wont! the pasta looks .. urghhh. haha good post.

  11. never been there. and will never go there after reading your post. haha!

  12. no restaurant can beat my wife's spaghetti, so I don't order spaghetti even everyone told me so and so restaurant has the best spaghetti. :)

  13. hehee. what a lol comment. be careful k. coz im don want they sue u coz of urs post. hehee

  14. hahaha, you sound like a professional food critic! :)

  15. hahaha... seems like u r a real choosy person when it comes to spagetti :D

  16. Totally agree! The spaghetti really tasted very bad...Will never have my spaghetti at there...


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