29 July, 2011

St. Anne's Church @ Penang

Welcome to St. Anne’s Church :D

Founded in year 1846, St Anne's Church is a famous Roman Catholic church located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

I love this huge, old Catholic church :D
It looks so awesome!

Our dear angel :)

I'm not a Christian actually; I'm a Buddhist and pray to Guan Yin. But I love visiting this beautiful church, it looks amazing to me as I have never ever visited any historical church before in my entire life.

Urmm.. it looks like a clock tower, doesn't it?

There’s also a hill that we can climb high up, to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

May I know what language is used for the words there?

I don’t know why I feel that the orchids there look different than the usual ones.
These seem much prettier (: in my imagination, at least.

Here’s the new chapel! :D
Awesome view.

The structure of the buiding is great :) Reminisces something, I guess.

Hello, it’s me of the day :D

I heart you, wide green field

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