29 July, 2011

St. Anne's Church @ Penang

Welcome to St. Anne’s Church :D

Founded in year 1846, St Anne's Church is a famous Roman Catholic church located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

I love this huge, old Catholic church :D
It looks so awesome!

Our dear angel :)

I'm not a Christian actually; I'm a Buddhist and pray to Guan Yin. But I love visiting this beautiful church, it looks amazing to me as I have never ever visited any historical church before in my entire life.

Urmm.. it looks like a clock tower, doesn't it?

There’s also a hill that we can climb high up, to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

May I know what language is used for the words there?

I don’t know why I feel that the orchids there look different than the usual ones.
These seem much prettier (: in my imagination, at least.

Here’s the new chapel! :D
Awesome view.

The structure of the buiding is great :) Reminisces something, I guess.

Hello, it’s me of the day :D

I heart you, wide green field


  1. 26th July is my birth date...lol

    Second last picture, leng! ^^

  2. I'm not a christian too, but it is a nice place and you are nice too..

  3. Wow.. its such a nice place to visit and taking photos.. By the way, those are hindu writing on the stone.. we learnt before. haha..

  4. nice shots of the famous church.

  5. im not a christian, but i love this place. that old church super awesome!!

  6. Wow St Anne Church... Is it located at Bukit Mertajam? I just wondered that it was so nice... Never been there before! hahaa

  7. hi, i ve never been st. anne church before. thanks for sharing! :D will try to drop by there one day! :D have a nice day! ^^

  8. Hello again...I don't belongs to any religion, but I think Buddhism or Hinduism is the most human religion. My mother was a Christian, but I quit religion when I grew up. Christianity have caused a lot of war in the past.

  9. Those word is Tamil wording :) you can ask your indian friend what is the meaning of it :)

  10. it has been n-years i visit st anne.......


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