19 September, 2011

Find Room For Rent Malaysia

When I was strolling down the street last week, instead of driving around, I took a good look along the street. All I saw were taxis, with such a huge banner on the mirror, side doors and even bonnets! There's where my thought suddenly popped out...

Situation 1:

Being away from home?
If yes
Staying with friends or colleagues?
If yes
Living a hard time there?
If yes
Cutting down food and transportation expenses because of the increasing room rental rate?
If yes
Even a shabby room costs a pound from you?

Situation 2:
Being a traveler in a place where you are not familiar with?
If yes
Looking for homestay or anything equivalent?

Don’t Worry!

Taxis are all around to bring you searching for rooms all over the place!
Wait… You must be doing that during years ago
because back to the olden days, there wasn’t any property website invented!

But today, instead of spending hundreds and hundreds to hire a cab and bring you around, why don’t you just log on to the latest iBilik website and search for your ideal room?

iBilik is always here to help you!

There may be an abundance of property websites popping out on your screen when you tried to Google the keyword “Room For Rent”, but thank God you’re at the right place in the nick of time!

iBilik turns out to be your best choice
as soon as you find out more about this ideal Asian website
which would definitely helps to save pennies from your pocket!

You must be wondering this..
Why iBilik?

It is formerly known as CariBilik, a Malaysian website which helps you to search for comfortable yet affordable rooms around the country. But now it has transformed into an international website which gathers rooms database not only from Malaysia, but also Singapore and Indonesia!

Lowest price guaranteed as promised by the advertisements.
All you have to do is, Book Online and Settle the Payment via the Internet!
It’s easy-pessy, don’t you think so? :)

Perhaps all taxi drivers say so as well!

So now what are you waiting for?
Log on to iBilik.com today and search for the best deal!


  1. Good for students and newbies in the workforce.

  2. I've checked iBilik.com, almost all who have rooms for rent prefer Chinese or female.. What about us guys..?? hehe...

  3. roffe, still have some are allow malay only, so depend on the people that renting out la

  4. uik,, but i think mudah.my more useful kot~

  5. happy wednesday morning to you.. keep in touch my friend..

  6. Finding for an apartment for rent is even easier these days since you can just browse the web. When selecting for a room, it is best to always check for the safety as well as its cost. roommate


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