29 April, 2012

Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

#1 Rye-Flour Ramen

Look at the above picture, can you see the 'dots' on the noodles? Interestingly, I do not see this anywhere else, and this is one of the reasons why I drop by at Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2 to try out their noodles made from complex carbs. 

#2 Wooden but inviting concept 

The concept of Ikuzo Ramen is different from the usual Japanese restaurant, because they use art and typography for decorating the outlet. Each poster on the wall has a price tag, so you can have them home if you want.

#3 Condiments for the Soup

For better flavours and aroma,
  • Add pepper or vinegar for shoyu-based soup
  • Add shicimi powder into miso-based soup
  • Add chilli oil for seafood ramen 
#4 Left: Age Gyoza (Deep-Fried Japanese Potstickers) @ RM3.50
Right: Gyoza (5 Pieces of Japanese Potstickers) @ RM3.50

Both are Japanese Chinese dumplings, but the one on the left is deep-fried instead of being pan-fried in the usual way. To my delight, the deep-fried gyoza is crispier with chewier skin. And you can never find gyoza at such affordable price elsewhere!

#5 Left: Yakiniku (Grilled Beef) @ RM3.00
Right: Cha-Shu (5 Pieces of Braised Pork) @ RM3.50

#6 Left: Menma (Bamboo Shoot) @ RM1.80
Right: Cabbage Kimuchi (Preserved Cabbage) @ RM2.50

I'm not a kimchi person, but the cabbage kimuchi here is definitely a good one for me to munch on. Its taste is not as pungent as the Korean kimchi. Light enough for a balanced taste of sour and sweetness. 

#7 Chef Shimbo Katsunori explaining about "Rye Noodles"

As for the ramen here, the price tags stun me because the most expensive bowl only costs me RM10.90, which I can never find such a good bargain in any Japanese restaurants or noodle shops.

#8 Four Types of Noodles

You can choose your own favourite when it comes to the ramen noodle. All of them are made from nutritious rye flour, and the most interesting fact is that the noodle can be spicy by itself, not depending on its soup base!

#9 Goma Tamago Ramen @ RM8.90

I personally feel that this is the best noodle here. It comes in black sesame soup base, accompanied with eggs, pork cha-shu slices and spring onions. Despite of the dark color, it is not as salty as you'd expect and the thick soup is awesome while served hot.

#10 Goma Tan Tan Ramen @ RM7.50

This is also of black sesame soup base, but with added ma la (麻辣) spices which turns this minced chicken ramen bowl into a sweet and spicy one. Despite of the fiery red presentation, it is more of sweetness than spiciness. 

#11 Cha-Shu Ramen @ RM8.90

The signature shoyu-based (Soy Sauce) soup complements with the pork slices, seaweed and spring onions. But the portion is way too large for a typical female! I can only finish half a bowl, at most.

#12 Yakiniku Ramen @ RM8.50

#13 Curry Ramen @ RM7.90

For the spicy flavour, the chef adds some homemade paste into the soup base to bring out the tantalizing tastes. Served with breaded pork fillet, egg and vegetables.

#14 Ebi Tempura Ramen @ RM8.90

#15 Seafood Ramen @ RM10.90

#16 Tom Yam Ramen @ RM10.90

Ikuzo also turns the famous Thai soup into a Thai ramen dish, with equally fresh seafood ingredients but the tom yam soup is less strong in taste.

#17 Tsukemen @ RM8.50

You may want to try the dried version (干捞) in which the noodles and condiments are served separately from the soup. Recommended to dip the items into the soup before eating.

#18 Left: Green Tea Milk with Yuzu Ice-Cream Float @ RM5.90 
Middle: Ginger Green Tea with Yuzu Ice-Cream Float @ RM5.90
Right: Green Tea Milk @ RM4.90

The beverages here are priced very fairly, ranging from RM0.50 to RM5.90. Other than the original Japanese green tea, Ikuzo has some innovations here, under their "Ikuzo Special" category. I love the twist in the taste of green tea, especially the ginger green tea

#19 Left: Root Beer with Rice Ice-Cream Float @ RM5.90 
Middle: Passion Fruit Italian Soda @ RM4.90
Right: Chocolate Milk with Rice Ice-Cream Float @ RM5.90

Ramen for the people. Let the ramen revolution begin!

1. The spicy, thick but flat noodle is a better choice because it doesn't expand much in the soup.
2. One of the most wallet-friendly ramen outlets I bet--- Tastier for better value!
3. Revisit? Yes, for their special Black Sesame soup-based ramen.

Ikuzo Ramen
52, Jalan SS2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7865 3254
Facebook: www.fb.com/IkuzoRamen
Email: hello@ikuzoramen.com
Business Hours: 10.30am to 11.00pm
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