06 January, 2012

Cheng Ho Court 郑和苑 @ Mines Wellness Hotel

This time around we will be expecting the early arrival of the Year of Dragon. After doing the spring cleaning and home refurbishment, it's time to treat yourself and family a quality reunion dinner at this dining outlet in a bewitching resort along with a tranquil environment.

The location of the evening is Cheng Ho Court, a Chinese oriental restaurant which not only serves Cantonese cuisine but also savouring dishes of Dim Sum. In celebration to usher the Chinese New Year, Cheng Ho Court offers a specifically prepared range of Chinese New Year Set Menu (五福臨门宴) starting from RM 788++ per table.

Approaching dawn, here's something you can enjoy before the meal--- 
A sand-bedded swimming lagoon of sky blue horizon and an azure lake.

Behind this door, lies a hidden gem of the restaurant--- 
Chef Chin Hock Seng, the mastermind chef.

With more than 27 years of culinary experience, he creates the modern gastronomic cuisine with the combination of tradition and creativity. Coupled with the fresh organic ingredients, each dishes here definitely fulfill the needs of 'wellness' for the patrons. 

The glorious food is meant to be enjoyed with the traditional-looking, peaceful ambiance.

Do you ever find raw salmon in Cantonese cuisine? 
This is found no other than the house specialty, Salmon Lou Sang.

#1 鸿运齐撈生 (三文鱼撈生)
Salmon Lou Sang

Each dish here has its special title, bringing an abundance of health, wealth, luck and prosperity to all.

It's time to mix the Yee Sang with its special sauce, salmon, oil, pepper powder and sesame bits. 
Surprisingly, one whole bowl of sauce doesn't taste too sweet to suit my liking.

This is my first time of Lou Sang this year, hoping the Year of Dragon brings the best for me.

If you're not a fan of salmon, here's a medley of Yee Sang selection to tantalize your whole family:
  • Abalone Lou Sang
  • Salmon and Snow Pear Lou Sang
  • Seaweed and Baby Octopus Lou Sang
  • Jellyfish Lou Sang

#2 好运迎新春 (海味蟹肉翅)
Braised Assorted Dried Seafood Soup with Crabmeat

As good as the picture looks, this bowl of shark fin soup tastes great with its premium quality material.
especially the dried scallops in huge chunks here.

#3 鸿运年当头 (梅酱脆皮烧鸡)
Deep Fried Chicken with Plum Sauce

The presentation of the food may be humble but the taste is just indescribable. From what I see, I am afraid that it may taste too sour with the abundance of plum sauce. However, the whole dish is surprisingly enlivened by the plum sauce which tastes just right for me.

#4 一帆好风顺 (香辣醋汁红糟鱼)
Deep Fried Red Snapper Fish with Vinegar Sauce

Being a fish lover, I'd definitely love this if the vinegar sauce can be milder. Vinegar may not be everyone' favourite most of the time, but it does match perfectly with the red snapper fish to bring out its taste of freshness.

Here comes the next one... From here, you may say that it looks spicy?
Well, appearance can be deceiving actually :) 

#5 龙马好精神 (三味焗草虾)
Baked Tiger Prawn with Special Chef Sauce

The prawns are considerably huge in size, and the baking process makes them way healthier than those deep-fried with layers of oil around the shells. Personally I'd prefer baked prawns with cheese, but the special chef sauce tastes good and gives an unique flavour too!

#6 金银堆满屋 (杏片爽菜蔬)
Stir Fried Vegetables with Almond Flakes

After all the dishes with meats, here comes something to neutralize your stomach. The fat-burning vegetables used here include asparagus and celery, which is perfect to suit my taste while munching the crunchy almond flakes. Despite of the aroma from the dish, the thick layer of chopped garlic is just too much for me. If you don't eat garlic at all, then you'd end up sorting out every bit of garlic from the dish like me. 

#7 满家有添富 (团圆腊味饭)
Claypot Rice with Preserved Meat

Here's another aromatic dish which is irresistible once it is served on the table. Since this dish can be rarely found except for Chinese festive seasons, I'm looking forward to taste it. To my disappointment, the pot of claypot rice becomes tasteless without the preserved meat of duck. However, my second spoon of the chewy rice with salty meat tastes heavenly good but too much of saltiness is bad though.

#8 甜蜜迎新岁 (西柠龙眼海底椰)
Chilled Sea Coconut with Longan and Lemon

This dessert is used widely in most of the Chinese restaurants.
Fresh lemon cuts are added to enhance the taste of this dessert and I enjoyed it a lot.

#9 年年又高升 (美点映双辉)
Sweet Fancy Duets

Last but not least, the 9-course meal is concluded with these sweet duets.
While the Red Bean Mochi is fluffy and chilled inside,
the beancurd-like cubes are actually Deep Fried Yam Sticky Rice Cake.

This layer of sticky rice cake is more commonly known as Nian Gao in Chinese. 
This is actually my first time of seeing such a creative combination of yam and rice cake. 
Of course this mouth-watering dessert does not let me down at all :)

Thanks to Mines Wellness Hotel, I had an enjoyable, scrumptious dinner with the bloggers.

The set menu for 10 pax is priced ranging from RM788++, RM888++, RM1088+ and RM1588++,
it is definitely good place for reunions and family gatherings during this prosperous new year!

1. The overall taste of the food is acceptable with an oriental ambiance.
2. The service of the restaurant is good as dishes are served plate by plate to the diners.
3. Taking care of our wellness and health, the dishes are well-prepared regardless of the meat, vegetable or dessert.

Cheng Ho Court 郑和苑
Level 3, Mines Wellness Hotel
Jalan Dulang,
MINES Resort City,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Contact: 603-8943 6688
Fax: 603-8943 5555
Website: www.mineswellnesshotel.com.my

Daily Business Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm (Opens at 9.00am on Sundays and Public Holidays)
Dinner: 6.00pm – 9.30pm


  1. Deep Fried Yam Sticky Rice Cake is so yummy. All the food are so delicious.

  2. I can see lou sang promotions everywhere now, looking forward for lou sang banquet during CNY^^
    The dessert nian gao looks so tempting to me,yummy~

  3. Cheng Ho was a Muslim, so his 'ghost' can come here to eat also, LOL...

    P/S The Mandarin speakers in HK are Mainlanders, and the girls seem to be prettier than the Cantonese-speaking locals.

  4. OMGGG! awesome food!

  5. hi Sheohyan :) thank you for your compliment, and i indeed enjoyed the meal.

  6. hi Bi Bi, people start making reservations for CNY already since it is only less than 2 weeks away.

  7. hi Khengsiong, that's a creative thinking of yours :P i think he wished muslims can enjoy chinese food like he did too

  8. hi Charmaine, it's a 9-course meal :) love them all!

  9. hi Camy, thanks for dropping by :) hope you enjoyed the post too!

  10. Hey nice meeting you there! I haven't even blogged about it =X

  11. Great foods, great photographing. 

  12. Wah... Those foods are damn lip-smacking!!! Looks damn damn damn tempting!!! Can't wait for reunion dinner :)

  13. Very nice and tempting photos...
    I'm looking forward to my own 'lou sang' session.....

  14. So early already lousang-ed not even Dragon year yet need to Drag-on for two more weeks haha.

  15. The first few dishes certainly looks good!
    However, I'm seeking more of novelty vs the traditional dishes. Hope as I go along sampling at other restaurants I'll come across one that surprises me.

  16. mmmm, claypot rice with preserved meat is also the dish i look forward to every chinese new year! the sweet aroma of the sausage meat is so addictive! :D

  17. it look nice... make me craving of it <3

  18. Great photos!!! Good food and company is always an affair to remember... ;0)

  19. each close-up shot of the food only make my saliva drool more...

    beautiful pics

  20. hi jfook, nice chatting with you :) looking forward to seeing your blog post!

  21. hi William, thank you for your compliment, and I hope you enjoyed reading.

  22. it's around RM80 per head for this scrumptious meal. I hope you have a good time during reunion then!

  23. hi Hayley, thank you and I hope you would enjoy your lou sang session with your loved ones and beloved family.

  24. hi Bananaz, I've started ushering the dragon so that it can come faster :P

  25. hi Rebecca, I think there are more exciting menus out there from various restaurants. All we have to do is to hunt for them :)

  26. Hello Sean, I hope this year would be the same for you while expecting the aromatic rice with meat :) by the way, instead of sausage meat, duck meat is used here.

  27. hi Sherrie, i hope you like the blog post as well :P

  28. hi Caro, it's definitely a good one that you should try some day :)

  29. hi Jenn, of course i do remember all of you who dine together :P would see you around with more good food!

  30. hi Edmund, thank you for your compliment and I hope you can get a good try on these foodstuff.

  31. you are making me drool. Not to say what but your photo ah...even if the food not that great will turn into mouthwatering with your skill

  32. hi Smallkucing, believe it or not, the foodstuff really tastes good and my pictures dont deceive you :P

  33. Like the variety choices of Yee Sang. And the deep fried yam with stick rice cake is perfect for the CNY mood. 

  34. 好吸引!好想去捞生了。。。 照片拍得很美。

  35. the place look awesome :)


  36. nice photos!
    sighh, have yet to lou sang >.<


  37. food ...looks good n yummy!

  38. i stayed at the hotel few weeks back and it was cool. didnt go to the restaurant though. looks nice for a common chinese wedding reception

  39. Yeah, this is a hidden gem indeed, probably coz it's so far away. I've eaten here a couple of times, they used to have a promo (they might still have it) where you get 15% or something like that off if you pay using a certain credit card (can't remember which, it's been a year since I last was there). The food is good though.

  40. hi Supia, CNY mood gets stronger when accompanied by this type of cuisine :)

  41. hi Ann, as quick as time flies, it's only 2 weeks away from CNY, not considered early already.. 

  42. hi Foody, enjoyed the lou sang as well? :) hope you like the post!

  43. hi Bear, it's a good one, should get a try when you pass by that area :)

  44. hi Ivy, thanks and you can start planning one lou sang session with your colleagues, friends and family when the CNY mood comes :)

  45. hi Yvonne, thank you for enjoying the pictures of foodstuff :)

  46. hi Tony, you purposely went to shah alam for a stay?lol. Do support the chinese foodstuff when you pass by this hotel again :)

  47. hi Huai Bin, yea i think the location is not that strategic, that's why not many people realise that their foodstuff is actually good and worth a try. they do have certain promotions from time to time, just that we have to constantly get updated with it through its website :)

  48. The dishes do look awesome in the pictures! Anyway, thanks for the visit and comment.

  49. The photos of the food was nicely taken, it has gotten me a little hungry now!

  50. hi Darran, i hope i can show you more pictures to make you even hungrier :P

  51. hi Philip, i hope the dishes tempt you, and hope you enjoyed reading as well as seeing the pictures!

  52. uh oh.....bad timing to read this post ! I'm drooling......I want that seafood soup now !!! :((


  53. hi Debby, thanks for your comment that made me smiled :) my blog is always full of food post eh? the soup tastes heavenly good, you should try it!

  54. Everything looks delicious here! But the price quite expensive! :/

  55. hello Carol, good food often comes with 'good prices', but recently the market price for such a Chinese meal is around that range. 

  56. I live the fried nian gao!

  57. hi Choiyen, i love it too! tastes really good with yam rite..


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