15 May, 2012

Ochado @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

#1 Ochado; Insist the Best!

Last week, I was wandering around IOI Boulevard where the famous Library and Overtime become the most happening place around that area. No, I'm not into beers, but I don't want to be like everyone who opts for ChaTime or Snowflakes there!

#2 Signature Ochado Tea

The one on the left is called Ochado Roasted Milk Tea @ RM4.90, while I have the Green Milk Tea with Red Beans @ RM5.90. Both are as good as Chatime or Gong Cha, they're different from their competitors in unique ways. I love them with the minimum level of sugar (No, but not without sugar).

#3 Japanese Mille Crepe 

Another thing bout Ochado which distinguishes it from other Taiwanese beverage outlet is their Japanese Mille Crepe!  Up to today, it is still limited to 3 flavours only--- Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla (Original). Since this cake is so famous, I must really try it! 

#4 Vanilla Mille Crepe

Here's the Vanilla Mille Crepe @ RM9.00, if I've not mistaken. Equally made of 20 layers, I love the fresh cream in between each thin layer, and the 'snow' which tops the delicate cake. 

#5 Chocolate Mille Crepe 

The flavoured ones are slightly higher in price as compared to the original, probably around RM10.90. It is satisfying but sadly to say, nothing can beat the best Mille Crepe at Nadeje from Malacca yet! 

And now Ochado has its newest outlet at Sri Petaling! Well, now that I can go home every week for their signature drinks, but I hope they would sell mille crepes here as well! Hope to see you there!

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