14 October, 2013

Beauty Haul from Hermo.my

HELLOOO Sweeties :3 ♥ I am back from my short vacation to Singapore. People say everything there is expensive because of the currency exchange (and it keeps increasing!), it's so true that I couldn't agree more. I saw lots of beauty products that are not available in Malaysian drug stores, but then again I had to think twice before purchasing. 

...until I saw them on www.Hermo.my, I knew I made the right decision!
*quickly grab lots of sales item from Hermo, and receive the parcel the very next day!*

Hermo is an online beauty store that carries over 60 brands ranging from skincare and cosmetics products, to bodycare and fragrances. Most of them are renowned brands from Korea and Taiwan.

Hermo.my is also a flagship store for famous brands such as Stage, My Beauty Diary and Timeless Truth (TT Mask). In fact, two of them are my favourite mask brands (which I have done numerous reviews on them before!) Plus, Hermo is selling them lots of varieties at a cheaper price.

That's why I can't resist myself from getting a specially curated mask combination box from Hermo! 

Beauty lovers know that masks usually come in a pack of 5s or 10s, but here I can try hundreds of mask varieties, without having to buy one full pack of it. The mask combination box allows you to choose  ANY type of mask (marked at individual price) as long as you purchase a minimum of 10 pieces in total. 

Every piece of mask comes with great price slash!! I regretted for not getting two boxes of them :(

Here's the box with masks of my choice. Let's start pampering our skin once every 3 days!

Hermo is the official distributor of the brands in its website, so no worries about its authenticity.
Just sit back, place a mask and relax! 

To be honest, I find that the choices of mask in Hermo are so extensive that I have a hard time choosing the best 10. Anyway I choose mostly Korean masks, because their packagings are way too cute to resist! 

 My Scheming Luffa Mask + Aloe Vera Creamy Gel and
My Scheming Tea Tree  Silky Mask + Enzyme Peeling Gel

If you do not already know, two-steps mask is a big hit in Korea and Taiwan recently. Malaysian hot and humid weather always makes our skin dry and sensitive, so applying mask is insufficient to rejuvenate the skin. We need to apply some protective cream/gel after the mask, to lock the 'nutrients' from the mask into the skin. 

Dewy Tree Dewy Tree Ginseng Nutritious Black Sheet Mask 
*Hottest Mask Selling in Korea*

The market price is RM12.90 per piece, but Hermo is only selling it at RM7.90! I should have grabbed few more pieces before it goes out of stock. The refreshing ginseng scent is comfortable for me, and I love its brightening effect apart from the resilience and nutrients to the skin.

Top (from left): NARUKO (NRK) Arbutin Intense Brightening Mask and
SexyLook Duo Lifting Mask Mixed Berries + Yogurt

Bottom (from left): Secret Diary Bulgarian Rose Moisturizing Mask and
ARUKO (NRK) HA Hydro Lock Moisturizing Mask

PureHeal's Galactomyces [Radiance] Dual Energy Mask 

This is even more interesting! Koreans suggest us to apply Galactomyces 100 Ampoule to filter the dirty layer of the inner skin, before putting on the Galactomyces Synergy Mask to moisturize and soothe the skin. I shall post a review of this mask soon!

Hermo.my also includes a clear description of the product and instruction on how to use it,
so I won't have trouble understanding the Korean or Chinese words on the mask =)

Masks are important for an inner healthy skin, but our skin needs makeups for outer beauty too! Hermo features alot of famous makeup brands such as Lancome, Stage, Etude House, Holika Holika and Miss Hana. But I'm more attracted to the discount! Haha. Many are sold below normal price, definitely a great steal for the beauty junkies.

Not forgetting to mention some of my favourite brands for skincare like Laneige, Kose and SK-II

And I also gave a try to the famous cosmetics brand from Korea, 3 Concept Eyes aka 3CE

3 Concept Eyes Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner #1 CATS Non-pearlescent Matte Black 

I hate eyeliners that smudge within hours, and my friend recommended me 3CE. So yeah I got one, a deep black eyeliner that looks good with all sorts of makeup. Seriously, ALL types. It's creamy, long-lasting and comes with a sharpener too.

How do you like my precise stroke of eyeliner? =) I am totally in love with 3CE!

Being an one-stop beauty centre, Hermo aims to pamper you from head to toe. Hair care, body wash, lotion, foot mask and fragrances are available too. I swear I'd go crazy shopping online with so many good deals here!

Dr. Post Bubble Bubble Foaming Hair Color #5 Natural Brown

I decided to do a DIY hair coloring for myself after my first attempt using Kao Liese hair color. But Dr. Post Korean hair color is 10 times less smelly than Liese, and I love the end result! Can't wait to see my new hair colour? Shall post the review of it soon!

Reasons why I choose HERMO:

1. Low Prices (Mad discounts!!) and great deals.
2. Great varieties! Thousands of skin care and beauty products at your fingertips.
3. Buy 2 items, Hermo gives you FREE Poslaju shipping + FREE samples.
4. Refund within 14 days. NO question asked.
5. Deliver straight to your door. Save the hassle, save $$$
6. Hermo ships internationally, good for you non-Malaysians.

Enjoy 5% discount for ANY purchase at Hermo.my 
by entering the code fishhermo upon checkout 

To get the latest updates for promotions/ discounts/ sales, keep stalking HERMO at:
Hermo's Official Website: www.hermo.my
Hermo's Facebook Page: fb.com/HermoMalaysia
Hermo's Instagram: @HermoMY


  1. This is so cool, thanks for sharing!!! =]

    1. Hello! No big deal, hope you can enjoy the discounts on Hermo.my! :D


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