29 January, 2012

Ocean Shabu Shabu @ Sri Petaling

During the first few days of Chinese New Year, the roads around KL are very quiet. This is the only time where we experience smooth journey from one hot spot to another. But another difficulty arises when finding for food! Most Chinese restaurants are closed, and everyone flocks to here- Ocean Shabu Shabu, the only restaurant opened along Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling. 

This Hong Kong styled Shabu Shabu restaurant is famous for its colorful meat balls. Looking at its appearance, I'd wish to try but at the same time wonder what makes the balls looks blue and orange. 

Left: Thai Tom Yam Broth (Half) @ RM 7.50 (泰国冬炎汤半份)
Right: White Fungus Papaya Broth (Half) @ RM5.00 (木瓜雪耳汤半份)

From the hot steaming broth,  the tom yam soup base of Thai style is really spicy and excites me very much. That's really good for those who love spiciness! As for the clear white fungus papaya broth, we're served with a generous amount of white fungus in the soup, which makes it flavours like a mild herbal soup. 

   #1 Pork Loin @ RM16.00 (特级猪肉片)

The raw pork looks good and tastes even better when it is simmered in the soup for 15 to 20 seconds and then eaten immediately! The quality of the pork is not bad, and most importantly it is fresh enough to savour my taste. 

 #2 Drunken Chicken @ RM16.00 (花凋醉鸡)

The chicken slices are marinated in a mixture of wine and goji berries. After cooking them in the broth, the meat is unexpectedly firm yet tender when chewed. The texture is good but I can barely taste the wine absorbed in the chicken. 

 #3 Mixed Mushroom @ RM16.00 (有机什蘑菇 )

After all the meat foodstuff, we also order a platter of mixed mushroom for more vitamins and minerals! My favourite button mushroom is there too :) 

#4 Four Seasons Meat Ball @ RM12.00 (四宝丸)

Each piece of meat balls costs RM1. These special meat balls are all homemade with crunchy texture. However, the size is too small to fill my belly.

#5 Yam @ RM5.00 (炸芋头)

With the flourishing business around the festive season, which restaurant doesn't grab this golden opportunity for a price hike? From the bill, there's an additional item: 

"CNY Charge : 10% of the subtotal"

If you spend RM100 there during Chinese New Year, then you'll be charged an extra RM10 because these waiters and waitresses serve you during the public holidays. 

1. The overall taste is just so-so, perhaps it's due to the huge crowd during the festive season.
2. The foodstuff are fairly fresh, due to the public holidays I think.
3. The white fungus papaya soup base is really a clear soup that satisfies me very much!

Ocean Shabu Shabu 
47, Jalan Radin Bagus, 
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9058 2889
Website: www.oceanshabushabu.com.my

Disclaimer: Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S Plus
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