07 December, 2013

MENTOS Cintai Malaysia Contest: Last Chance to Win!

Have you started buying Mentos rolls yet? No? Well, you have another month to do so, 
because the Mentos Roll’s “Cintai Malaysia Contest” is going to end on 15 January 2014!

I want a holiday escapade from Mentos and I hope to see you at the beautiful islands too! 

Mentos is giving you the opportunity to refresh your soul with eight island holidays in Malaysia and daily prizes worth RM130,000. Mentos Roll’s “Cintai Malaysia Contest” runs from 15 October 2013 to 15 January 2014 in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia’s 2014 Visit Malaysia promotion. 

Time to look out for Mentos roll with such wrapper!!

I wanna win the grand prize of an amazing trip to Sipadan Kapalai 
It's the most beautiful island in Malaysia, and I've longed to travel there! 

Other big prizes include a trip to Taarans Redang Island, Langkawi Island and Tioman Island, all are Malaysia’s hottest travel destinations. Well, if I can win some daily prizes of one smartphone and 54 KFC vouchers worth RM10 each, it would be good enough.

Simply purchase any Mentos Roll, UNWRAP IT CAREFULLY, and follow the
instructions behind the wrapper. Don't forget to keep the outer wrapper as purchase proof!

...because more than 5000 prizes are awaiting you!!

Behind the wrapper, you can see the wrapper code on the top, followed by clear instructions 
how to submit your entries via SMS or via facebook at facebook.com/mentosmalaysia. 

Method 1: SMS
Type MENTOS, your wrapper code, answer to the question given (A/B), 12 digit IC number and full name, then send to 36322. Each SMS only costs RM0.30, but what you might win is worth thousands of ringgit!
Method 2: FaceBook

You can also submit via Mentos Malaysia Facebook: www.facebook.com/mentosmalaysia

Visit Mentos Malaysia Facebook page, and click on the "Cintai Malaysia" tab on right.
Or go directly to this link: www.facebook.com/mentosmalaysia/app_203351739677351 
Don't forget to LIKE their page first!

For first time user, you'll have to submit your name, IC and telephone number, before submitting the code.

Then answer the simple question which is already printed on your Mentos wrapper earlier on.
Click "Submit" and you're done! Multiple entries are encouraged to gain more chances of winning.

Don't forget to check the announcement of daily winners on Mentos Facebook Page!
Who knows you're lucky to walk away with daily prizes?

Mentos rolls are available in 8 flavours: Mint, Sour Mix, Rainbow, Secret, Fruit, Mintensity, Mix Grape, Air Action♥♥ Retailing at RM1.20 each, you can find them at supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies nationwide. Time to grab some Mentos candy rolls and win fabulous prizes!

The contest is going to end on 5 January 2014.
Start buying as many Mentos rolls as you can now!
If you can't finish all of them, please donate some to me =P

For more information about Mentos Malaysia, please visit:


  1. i like mentos, thanks for the info~

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