12 January, 2014

Review: CERRO QREEN Natural Pony Wool Professional Brush Set

A sweet New Year package just came in to brighten my day. I love surprises, special thanks to Natta Cosme for the pretty card as well as the mystery gift in a box. Can you figure out what's in the yellow pouch? 

It's CERRO QREEN Natural Pony Wool Professional Brush Set Makeup 
that comes in 6 pieces in a set, priced affordably at RM36.90!

Honestly, Cerro Qreen is a new brand to me, blame my poor knowledge in makeups! Now Natta Cosme introduces this to me, it's based in United States and has been a prominent brand that produce professional makeup brushes with wide varieties to cater different needs. 

Now let's see what I love about the brushes!
#1 Shiny yellow natural wooden brush handle that makes makeup easier!

Aren't they extra cute in bright yellow color? Since wooden brush handle allows better manipulation of the brush, now I can spend as much time as I want playing with the brushes and palettes. Each brush is given maximum protection too. 

#2 Great combination of brushes, especially for eyes make-up

This set of makeup brushes allows me to create a sharper look on the eyes, be it natural eyeshadow blending or creating the smoky eyes. Powder brush or blush brush is the main brush here, so I can now complete the full makeup with these 6 items in the pouch!

#3 High quality natural fur from the baby horse

The brushes made of natural pony wool are extra soft and feel comfortable on the skin! It's easier to stick powder and apply eyeshadow with this. However, the eyebrow brush does not use the same material due to its specific function.

#4   6-in-1: Easy, convenient, and a must-have item in my travel bag!

#5 High quality Polyurethane cosmetic case with straps

The case is extremely durable, with specially designated compartments for the brushes. 
No more misplacing the makeup brushes now!

Paired with: Palettes and makeup kits
Brush handle : Natural Wooden
Brush Wool Material: Natural Pony Hair
Make-up specification: Normal size
Specialty: Focus on eyes
Suitability: Professional AND Home use

CERRO QREEN Natural Pony Wool Professional Make-Up Brush Set is available at 

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