16 January, 2014

WeChat 5.1 Have New Games!

Hello! Welcome to the arena of games with WeChat Malaysia! 

♥ Did you realise we're already in 2014? It feels like just a couple of weeks ago since I last had a Christmas party with WeChat Malaysia. But anyway parties are never enough. Here I had my first party in 2014 with WeChat Malaysia and the hot babes. 

The entire BluMed restaurant was beautifully decorated with the WeChat theme colored balloons.  I believe you have long heard about WeChat, the popular communication app with free calls and messages right? Don't forget to add me there, my WeChat ID is ohfishiee!
 Thanks Careen for the invites. ♥ Having fun with the girls tonight! 

WeChat is launching the latest version, WeChat 5.1 that now comes with a whole new package of WeChat Games that enables you to compete against your WeChat friends in the hottest social and mobile gaming available! 

Louis Song, the country manager of WeChat Malaysia and Singapore

WeChat is now making your life more fun and colorful! In fact, this app has been really popular 
and FUN! Must download ya, if you haven't have it on your smart mobile devices =)

Come add me on WeChat so that I can challenge you with WeChat Games! 

During the party, we have immersed ourselves into the addictive games--- Gunz Dash, Craz3 Match and 2Day's Match. For the adventurous ones, Wreckless Racer is a new thrilling speed racing game that will be available on the app soon!

Can't wait for Wreckless Racer to be introduced!

If you are feeling bored while you're on the move, 2Day's Match is a brand new casual puzzle game to kill time. Just match two tiles of the same kind and clear them to win your Crown! 

Jason was busy playing Gunz Dash, and deeply immersed in his adventure of the endless running game in the fantasy universe. We couldn't wait for our turns to play already, so we downloaded the game through the app and challenged among ourselves instead. 

Everyone was busy playing the latest WeChat games and chasing each other's score including Cheesie!

Not only you can challenge your friends, but also pit yourself against the best around your neighborhood with WeChat’s location-based service; find competitors nearby and beat the top scorer. 

How To Download WeChat Games? Simple! 

Step 1:
Go to WeChat app, click "Discover"
Step 2: Click the "Games" tab and you can see all the latest games offered.
Step 3: Select the games you want, and you will be directed to App Store or Google Play to download!

The lazy ones did something more important --- Camwhore! HAHAHA

As much as I love to take selfies, I wanna try the latest story telling with StoryCam for WeChat 5.1! It sounds pretty cool as I can enhance the photos with free filters and photo themes, edit my location and stories, then share them instantly with my WeChat friends. 

I should share my selfie moment with Cheesie on StoryCam!

Let's take one with the guys as well, and share the picture on our WeChat group chats
which can accommodate up to 100 friends!!

Life's sweeter with WeChat 

The party ended with a beautiful group picture, dominated by ladies! Hahahaha.
Thanks for the great night, people :) Remember to WeChat me ah!

The latest WeChat 5.1 and StoryCam for WeChat are now available for both Android and iOS users. Don't forget to stalk WeChat Malaysia (www.wechat.com // fb.com/wechatmalaysia) for more updates!


  1. Yup, been using it for a while to send voice messages to my friends in canto, rather than typing it. Great app ! Will add you.

  2. So cute, wow so many people go the event~


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