03 February, 2014

CNY @ FGS Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom (佛光山東禪寺)

Hi! Do you miss me during this festive season due to the lack of updates? I'm back from the days of spending with my family, relatives and friends with loads of good food and angpows! This year I went to 5 temples altogether *pat on my back hahaha*... The largest one is of course the Dong Zen temple at Jenjarom, Banting. It is always famed for beautiful decorations with the animal theme of the year. Now let's check out the pictures I took there!

The first thing I saw was... unicorn instead of horse. Well, it's an auspicious flying horse anyway.

...And the rest of the 12 animals in the Chinese calendar. So colorful and pretty especially when the 
lights are up! Now you can guess how old am I when I pose with the animal of the year I was born!

Bridge for the excellent scholars... If you wanna cross this bridge,  pay RM20 first!

A casual visit to the temple with le family! And I just realise we have covered all the fishes, so here's another one:
Taking pictures here before sunset is so different from doing the same when the sky turns dark. Lights were on around 7.30pm, but we were already here since 5pm for a vegetarian dinner. So we took our own sweet time on the feast, while waiting for more picture-worthy night scenery!

Meet the horse of the year =)


Can't resist myself from taking pictures with the cute monk in lotus flower!

Eh? Valentine's has come early this year?

When the sky gets really dark (After 8pm), you will be fascinated with the myriads of lights around the entire temple. Those who start to get exhausted to walk around may head over to the stage area and be entertained by the music and dance.
Pretty lanterns are everywhere! The mood of Chinese New Year is superb here ^_^

Decorations there change every year, 
but the wishing tree remains to make each and every wish comes true! 

You can also make a wish on the lotus flower (RM10) and put it into a lake. 

Come and meet my friends from the World of Ocean! 

Another pet friend--- the family of monkeys =) 

Walking deeper into the colorful garden, I notice something that shines from the top! 

Oh it's a HORSE!

Horses...horses everywhere...

Honestly, I was quite disappointed this year because the decorations are not as amazing as previous years. Perhaps they have cut down on their budget too. Plus, the stalls selling charms and home are getting less popular this year, meaning lesser good stuff to bring home!

Dong Zen Temple's Chinese New Year light festival begins from now, until 16 February 2014
(Sunday). If you haven't been here before, be sure to visit and have a pleasant experience!

Here are some advice for you :) Hope they are useful! 
1. Come early! People start flocking in as early as 2pm, so better be early around 5pm to secure a good parking space.
2. Bring camera! Phones can't capture good images from far. 
3. Bring more cash- You may want to donate them, purchase little CNY gifts or even treat your stomach with loads of vegetarian selections there. 
4. Bring a fan. Because the place is so crowded that you will sweat every moment.
5. Don't come empty stomach if you dislike vegetarian food. No meat served inside the temple, but you can always go to the opposite stalls for meals. 

Wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year once again and
enjoy your precious moments with family and friends! :)

FGS Dong Zen Temple (佛光山東禪寺)
PT2297, Jalan Sg. Buaya, 
42600 Jenjarom, 
Kuala Langat, 
Opening hours: 10.30am - 10pm 
Website: http://www.fgs.org.my


  1. Happy Chinese New Year fish! I went to Dong Zen temple twice already and I'm still loving their beautiful decorations <3

  2. been here 2 years ago, the journey was long~~~

  3. happy chinese new year fish.. lol i actually havent been to this temple before haha..

  4. Wow, this is indeed a nice and beautiful place!!

  5. I thought going there but don't have enough time. Like you said, have to be there earlier. I been to this temple before during cny few years ago.


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