09 March, 2014

Gen 10 Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Putra Hotel, KL

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I always have the perception that Japanese restaurants in hotels are often overpriced with small portion served. But recently Gen 10 Japanese Restaurant is offering a 50% discount on ala carte menu for in-house guests, how can you not miss such great deal?

The restaurant boasts a minimalist, contemporary design with a touch of Japanese flair. For greater privacy, there are few traditional Tatami rooms where diners can sit comfortably and experience the tranquil ambiance. 

Diners sitting around the bar counter can enjoy the live teppanyaki cooking and preparation of sashimi. The restaurant is currently open only for lunch from Tuesday to Friday. Diners who crave for buffet dinner may visit during weekends. 

Japanese Set Lunch (Teishoku)

The ala carte menu is rather traditional, ranging from sashimi platters and sushi rolls to well-cooked items such as tempura, udon, and grilled assortment. The choices for set meal are limited to 4, price ranging from RM45 to RM60. 

As soon as we are seated, the pot of green tea comes immediately, followed by a bowl of complimentary salad topped with Japanese vinaigrette wafu dressing. It is a great palate opener, while we spend the next 10 minutes waiting for our main courses. 

Yaki Sakanaka and Mini Tempura Teishoku @ RM50 

Among the choices of saba, salmon or sanma for the Japanese grilled fish, I picked a boneless salmon for more convenience while dining. Each set comes with miso soup, pickles, steamed Japanese rice and dessert, which I find them very filling and I can hardly finish them!

Grilled Salmon

The thick, succulent slice of salmon fillet is beautifully glazed with aromatic Japanese soy sauce. I love the way its oceanic flavour is not being overpowered by the savoury sweet sauce. Well, salmon lover like me definitely enjoys this dish. 

As though the grilled salmon is not enough to fill my stomach, the set lunch also comes with assorted tempura platter (4-5 pieces in total) and a bowl of tempura dipping sauce. The tempura is rather oily to my liking, but the sauce is great as it is thick and robust in flavours, unlike many bland versions I've tried elsewhere. 

Gen Bento @ RM55

The house specialty bento set features a huge portion of assorted sashimi, grilled dish, tempura and simmered dish. I think the combination is pretty good as one can try on different types of raw, fried, grilled and simmered items in one meal. 

Thickly sliced, fresh sashimi - Tuna, Octopus and Salmon 

Honestly the grilled and simmered dishes don't look appetizing to me. Nevertheless, the combination of teriyaki chicken, saba fish and Japanese omelette portray a traditional way of serving bento, which is rarely found in other similar restaurants. 

[Dessert] Kudamono Moriawase @ RM16

As for the complimentary dessert, I'm looking forward to a scoop of green tea ice cream with red bean, but it turns out to be a platter of assorted mixed fruits. Anyway I have no complaints at all, as my stomach is already too stuffed by then. 

Overall Verdict:
1. The Japanese set lunch gives great value for money after deducting the 50% discount. Each set costs around RM30, inclusive of free-flow green tea. 
2. If I were to have any complaints, it will be the limited choices available on the ala carte menu as well as the slow service by the staff. 
3. I think the overall standard of Japanese food here in terms of taste and freshness meets the requirements of a typical 5-star hotel. Looking forward to revisit for their weekend Japanese buffet dinner!

Gen 10 Japanese Restaurant
10th Floor, Sunway Putra Hotel,
Sunway Putra Place, 
100, Jalan Putra, 
50350 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-4042 9888 ext 1011
Fax: 603-4043 0700
Tollfree: 6-1800-88-3390
Website: http://putra.sunwayhotels.com
Business Hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 12noon - 2.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 6.30pm - 10.30pm

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