12 March, 2014

Kose SEKKISEI Lotion Mask Giveaway + Contest

Speaking of Japanese skin care, I have always placed much trust and confidence on them because the Japanese always look youthful and flawless. In fact, their secret of beauty has spread all around the world and everyone can have beautiful, translucent skin too!

For instance, Taiwanese artist, Ariel Lin looks like 20 although she is already in her 30s. What is actually her secret apart from healthy diet?  .....I didn't know until recently I found out that she has been using Kose since she was 18!

Factors Affecting Skin Condition
Do you know that our skin condition deteriorates without even us realizing? During the recent Kose beauty workshop, I was introduced to a popular series of Kose products that help combat the common skin issues I experience especially dullness and dehydration.

Established since 1946, one of the KOSÉ’s highly recommended ranges is SEKKISEI. Apart from daily basic care, it comprises daily special care for whitening as well as weekly support care such as scrub and mask. 

Among the daily basic skincare range, my favourite is the Kose SEKKISEI Lotion because it is multi-purpose and works wonder on my skin! Now.....let's see how it does the miracle!

Kose SEKKISEI Cleansing Cream

Before using lotion on the face, remember to keep your face clean and free from impurities! One cherry size of this cleansing cream not only helps brighten your complexion, but also deep cleanse to remove makeup and reveal beautifully clear smooth skin.

The best thing about it is, it is easy to rinse off.
In fact, you can massage it onto your face and wipe it off without using any water! 

Kose SEKKISEI Lotion

People often misunderstand toner and lotion. Toner is a watery solution to minimize pores, whereas lotion does much more than just that! Therefore Kose Sekkisei series introduces us its multi-functional lotion, which is best to enhance deep translucency with the power of oriental plant extracts.

Main ingredients based on a "beautiful translucent skin recipe" : Oriental Plant Extracts

1) Coix Seed Extract : Increased metabolism, whitening, moisturizing and preventing skin roughness
2) Angelica Extract : Disinfecting, whitening and moisturizing
3) Melothria (White Lotus) Extract : Whitening and suppressing melanin production

The cloudy white lotion gives a light, cooling and refreshing sensation as I wipe it onto the skin. It blends instantly into the skin, creating fine-textured, plump skin. But if you want to maximize its whitening effect, you can use it as a mask! 

Kose SEKKISEI Lotion Mask

Yes, I'm not kidding you. The tiny little 'pill' is actually a compressed paper mask sheet by Kose. How creative the Japanese is! Suitable for all skin types, the mask can be soaked with lotion and used on the face.

Here are the steps of using SEKKISEI Lotion Mask up to 2- 3 times a week:

Step 1: Fill SEKKISEI Lotion generously into its bottle cap until the marking line.
Step 2: Place one compressed paper mask in the filled cap.
Step 3: Allow mask to absorb lotion till it puffs up.
Step 4: Unfold the mask and place onto clean face for 10 minutes.
Step 5: Pat the remaining lotion onto the face, neck and body. No rinsing is required.
Step 6: Apply SEKKISEI Emulsion after removing mask.

For dry skin, you may apply lotion onto the face first before using the mask.
For Step 2, the marking line is actually the highest line on the middle of the bottle cap.

Some people love using cotton pad to wipe the lotion onto the skin, but I prefer using Kose lotion mask because it boosts up for 10 times moisture that penetrates easily into the skin! Plus, the lotion mask feels like melting snow on the skin, as it has great cooling effect that reduces redness caused by sunburn.

In a mere 10 minutes, my skin feels silky smooth and instantly hydrated. I realise that it becomes brighter and more translucent too! I'm amazed that the Kose SEKKISEI Lotion Mask gives such instant whitening effect, turning my skin fairer, more radiant and glowing.

9 Benefits of Lotion Mask 
- Translucency 
- Penetration 
- Moisturizing 
- Zero Pores 
- Whitening 
- Smoothing 
- Firming 
- Relaxing 
- Evenness

I got lots of lotion mask sample from Kose, anyone wants to experience its awesomeness with me?
SEKKISEI Lotion is available at all KOSE counters in 2 sizes: 200ml @ RM170 360ml @ RM260

Kose SEKKISEI Emulsion

After tapping the excess lotion into the skin until fully absorbed, don't forget to apply the emulsion! It is a quick absorbing, lightweight moisturizer that brightens and softens skin. Voila! Your skin is now translucent like snow!

Kose SEKKISEI White BB Cream (With 6-in-1 Effects!)

Wherever you go, don't forget to put sunscreen and basic makeup to protect the skin!

From the 2-hours workshop, I personally find that Kose SEKKISEI Lotion is definitely a must-have for every woman because of its easiness to use, effectiveness and instantaneous effect. It's the best whitening product that gives quick result that I've ever seen!

Are you the fairest one of all? You can be the SEKKISEI Cinderella! 

How To Join?
1. Purchase any Kose product at any of Kose counters or roadshows. 
2. LIKE Kose Malaysia’s Facebook fan page: facebook.com/kose.malaysia/
3. Visit Kose Facebook contest app page: facebook.com/kose.malaysia/app_1401868320074813
4.  Fill in the submission form, and upload your photo and proof of purchase (receipt), then click SUBMIT.
5. Get your friends to like your entry in the Contest tab.
6. SIX (6) finalists will be chosen to attend comprehensive beauty workshops

Finally, on the 4th of July 2014, the KOSÉ SEKKISEI Cinderella Malaysia will be revealed.

Do you want to win some Kose Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
I will pick 34 lucky winners who comment below, with correct answer.
Each winner will win ONE (1) pack of Kose Lotion Mask.

Just leave your answers for the questions below:
1. What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
2. Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask. 

Quick, comment now! Contest will end on 12 April 2014.
Don't forget to put your name and email address!

Sample Answer:
Name: FiSh
Email: ohfishie@gmail.com
1. xx, xx and xx
2. 10 times more moisture! 

Thank you Nuffnang for introducing Kose Lotion to me! It is now part of my daily beauty regime ♥ 
Good luck to everyone who comments here!

For more information about Kose, kindly visit 
www.facebook.com/kose.malaysia or apps.facebook.com/sekkisei_lotion
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