10 March, 2014

Review: Negative Calorie Natural Fibre Complex

A new dietary product is going to enter the market very soon, and I am glad to be one of the first to try it out. It was delivered to my doorstep, in a cardboard box printed "Negative Calorie". Let's see what is it!

Negative Calorie Fibre Drink is a revolutionary smart, healthy and permanent slimming drink that doesn't restrict your food intake yet you can get slimmer. Sounds good? Yes, no starvation or malnutrition ya! Just pay attention on how and what you should eat  =) 

We all know what is zero-calorie, high and low calorie food. But what about negative calorie? 

Negative calorie food is low-calorie in nature, and upon consumption it helps to accelerate our metabolism, or burn more calories. In a way, it is an effective and healthy slimming process. For instance, you can have celery, cucumber, asparagus, spinach, lemon and apple every day (or even every meal). But how many of us actually practise that? 

Moreover, Malaysia is the heaven of food that nobody can resist the wonders! 

That's why we need this fibre drink =) Each sachet of Negative Calorie consists of 15 gram of fibre,
retailing at RM98 per box of 15 sachets

Negative Calorie works against two main components: Energy and Accumulated Faeces

This fibre drink is a powder concentrate of vegetables, fruits and dietary fibre as well as chlorophyll (that's why it looks so green!), vitamin C and oligosaccharides that meets the daily fibre requirement in a human body if you drink 2 times a day. Effectively burns excess calories and excrete accumulated faeces.
1. Burn calories and remove excess body fat
2. Purify the intestines, promote excretion and reduce body weight
3. Supply more antioxidants and improve skin condition
4. Remove toxins from the body
5. Increase body immunity

For the 2-week slimming programme, I consume 1 sachet before breakfast, and another before bedtime, along with a balanced diet, 30-minutes exercise and 2-3litre of water daily. Recently I see significant impact on my bowel movement (Say goodbye to the 7kg of accumulated faeces in the intestine!).

Mix the green powder with water (room temperature), stir well and consume immediately. It looks like wheat grass beverages but in a thicker texture. When I drink it for the first time, the appearance is rather unappetizing. Surprisingly, I then find it slightly aromatic and sweet, and I love the taste!

100% natural, pure vegetarian, organic,and free from laxative!

Besides slimming, this fibre drink is suitable for those who have constipation, 
skin or health problems relating to inappropriate food intake

My Verdict:
1. Recommended for health purpose, not just slimming =) 
2. My personal experience with Negative Calorie is great as it helps alot in my bowel movement. No more constipation even if I don't take vege or fruits! 
3. Plus, it is convenient and easy to drink for busy people who are always on the go.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/negativecalorie.

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