28 April, 2014

Samsung Slimmest & Lightest NX Mini SMART Camera

Hi lovelies! I'm really excited to introduce to you my latest toy, Samsung NX Mini! If you have been following my blog, you know I was using Samsung NX1000 last year, a slim yet mighty compact system camera. Recently Samsung has newly launched a slimmer, lighter and even  more powerful interchangeable-lens camera--- NX Mini!

Yes, it is so mini that it becomes every girl's favourite! Weighing only 158g and sporting an ultra slim 22.5mm design, the NX mini can easily slip into any pocket or bag. Plus, the 3-inches flip-up and touch display is the girls' best friend for selfies. 

Getting my hands on NX Mini, I just couldn't wait to try it out. Thank you Samsung for organizing a half day out with the fellow NX Mini shutterbugs, and we headed to KL's heritage walk to discover the colours of true Malaysians! 

Let's begin our adventure now!

Our first stop was Central Market, one of the heritage site that we Malaysians are proud of. The pictures were taken using NX Mini with NX-M 9mm f3.5 ED lens, perfectly ideal for those capturing landscapes and self portraits. I love the way its large 1-inch type 20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor helps to capture images with great, precise details!

Under indoor lighting condition, I think it has done a great job to preserve the vibrance of the ambiance. With the highest resolution in its class, the pictures burst with vivid colours and look absolutely natural on the screen.

If you love playing with colours and effects, NX Mini comes with 12 image SMART filters (Fish eye, vignetting, soft focus, etc) and 17 easy SMART shooting modes (Beauty mode!! YAY!) that make everyone a great photographer! 

Similar to art, pictures speak a thousand word. Therefore NX Mini comes in handy when capturing candid shots and precious moments, because its impressively fast 1/16000 sec Shutter Speed freezes fast moving scenes and captures every detail. 

On top of everything, the best feature I love about NX Mini is the advanced WiFi and NFC integration that allows picture sharing in just a few touches. The transfer of pictures through Mobile Link is significantly faster as compared to my old NX1000, and now you can even send images to up to 4 devices using Group Share

.....so I can instantly update my face pictures onto Instagram, Facebook and more! 

Walking across the road, we arrived at Petaling Street, the ever popular Chinatown in KL. It has 
been awhile since I last explored the historical part of KL, and it felt great to be a tourist for a day! 

 Hey, why are you taking a picture of me? Will I appear on the press?

 Feel so nostalgic to be here at Petaling Street again after so many years! 

The NX Mini marathon ended well with a lunch treat for all the Mini's shutterbugs at Johnny Rocket's. After taking hundreds of pictures that day, the camera battery remains fully charged and the total pictures taken can go up to 660 shots before you need to recharge it. 

Let's share the best moments everyday with Samsung NX Mini!

Samsung NX Mini comes in 5 colors: White, baby pink, mint green, brown and black. NX Mini (Body with 9mm F3.5 lens) is currently available at only RM1,399. It's pretty affordable considering the great quality, portability and size. 

A full review on NX Mini will be up very soon! Stay tuned,
and keep stalking Samsung Malaysia for more updates! 

Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2014 #WhatAreYouMadeOf

Woohoo! I couldn't be more excited for the Maybank GO Ahead Challenge that is coming this August. If you haven't heard of it yet, MGAC is an international business case competition that challenges your intellect, stretches your creativity and unleashes your true potential.

The challenge is open to all penultimate or final year university students; even fresh graduates with less than 2 years of experience, regardless of field of study. If you're from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States of America, then you're welcomed to join MGAC. 

Speaking of global networking, connecting with top industry leaders, experience working in a multi-national team and access to Maybank’s top management, well who doesn't want this golden opportunity? Best part? Fast pass to Global Maybank Apprentice Programme and you get to bag some seriously cool pocket money.

Sounds academic? No, definitely it is not! In fact, MGAC is an exciting blend of The Amazing Race, Fear Factor, The Apprentice, MasterChef and various reality programs that bring you fun, experience and new friends.

I personally think it is a great global platform for aspiring young talents to go beyond their boundaries and challenge themselves outside the comfort zones. Don't need to prepare yourself, just accept the challenge! 

During the press conference, I learn that the competition is already in its third season and this year Maybank has received a 50% increase of applications compared to last year. If you're keen to sign up, please do so before 30 April 2014!

We were then ushered to the cinema hall for the video teaser of MGAC 2014.

The video showcased plenty of fun activities done by the participants from previous years, including visiting old folks' home, dancing, debating and more. You can watch the video from Maybank Youtube channel too :) 

Puan Nora Abdul Manaf, the Group Chief Human Capital Officer, spoke during the launch.

MGAC 2014 officiating ceremony was witnessed by Maybank Islamic Berhad CEO, Muzaffar Hisham, Maybank Group Chief Technology Officer, Geoff Stecyk, Group Chief, Human Capital Officer, Nora Abdul Manaf, Maybank Group Chief Risk Officer, Dr John Lee and Maybank Head of Group Talent Sourcing & Development, Chen Fong Tuan

If you've sent your details via online application at www.goaheadchallenge.com, then be patient and wait for the good news. Who knows you may become a finalist and outshine yourself against high calibre competitors from across the globe and engage with top leaders from diversified industries!

Visit www.goaheadchallenge.com for more information!

24 April, 2014

Wacoal Store Opening @ Fahrenheit 88, KL

#1 Hi hunnies! Any fans of Wacoal lingerie here, please raise your hands! Looking at my OOTD, you should know Wacoal was celebrating something BIG. And the good news is, now your lingerie shopping experience is made easier with the latest Wacoal Malaysia's first ever free-standing boutique at Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur. 

#2 Just a short question, where do you usually shop for your lingerie? Parkson, ISETAN or other departmental store? How often do you feel disappointed when the shop is running low in stock and your size is often unavailable? T_____T 

#3 Thank God the latest independent Wacoal store is larger than any kiosk you find in the departmental stores, and hence come with more choices of undergarment collections that suit individual preferences. Here you can seek for professional consultation from the friendly staff to get the best fitted type and size according to your body shape.

#4 Now let's explore Wacoal's boutique!

#5 Do you know that Wacoal has been in the global industry for over 65 years, 
and I have been its loyal user since it was first brought into Malaysia over 11 years ago!

#6 Located on the first floor of Fahrenheit88, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Wacoal The Store is set out to focus attention on the importance of wearing the right-fit innerwear from an early age. Here, plenty of meticulously chosen merchandise namely Sensuala, sorci age and b.tempt’d pop with their sweet, bonbon-coated hues against the crisp and fresh contemporary design. 

#7 For instance the Wacoal b.tempt'd lingerie brand from USA, which I blogged about it HERE,
and the trendy, sophisticated Wacoal SALUTE lingerie line I blogged about last year.

#8 Along with their playful and winsome details like dainty bows, polka dots, and delicate laces,
I love Wacoal for its unmistakable good fit for its range of comfy room wear and undergarments.

#9 During the grand opening, invited guests and loyal supporters of Wacoal were treated with live mannequins, fashion show, fun activities and giveaways. In conjunction with the occasion, many in-store promotions await Wacoal fans and ladies alike throughout the month of April! Have you check them out yet?

#10 The first 100 lucky shoppers at Fahrenheit88 could get a goodie bag from Wacoal registration
counter at the concourse of the mall, and then shop at Wacoal The Store with special discounts :)

#11 Red velvet cupcakes for the lingerie lovers! ♥ ♥ 

#12 .....and plenty of little sweet treats for the kids, girls and women.

#13 More candies, chocolates and jellies!

#14 Can I bring one home? *puppy eyes*

#15 Meet the live mannequin showcasing the fun and colorful outfits by Wacoal! Aren't they lovely? 

#16 She looks so pretty like a doll! :D

#17 ....with my blogger sisters during the event :) We dress in bright colours to match the theme!

#18 Nice to meet Melinda, Miss Malaysia World 2013!

#19 Speech by Mr Takashi Watanabe, Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia

During his welcome address at the official opening, Mr Watanabe said the well-trained Beauty Advisors at Wacoal The Store can recommend lingerie of specific design or feature that best builts women's confidence and enhances vibrancy through inner beauty.

#20 Others present at the event included Director/General Manager of Wacoal Malaysia, Mr Vincent Leong; Miss World Malaysia 2013, Ms Melinda Kaur Bhullar; and Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Sdn Bhd’s Chief Executive Officer of Retail, Ms Joyce Yap, who officiated Wacoal The Store opening jointly with Mr Watanabe. 

#21 The lingerie looks so soft and seamless! If you're a Wacoal wearer like myself,
you'd know how comfortable it feels compared to any other brands out there :)

#22 Don't forget to visit Wacoal on first floor at Fahrenheit 88!

For more information, visit:
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