24 July, 2014

Review: Algotherm Anti-Aging Marine Life Serum

Guess what has just arrived at my doorstep? A mysterious box in black, with a key to unlock the secret of youth. I bet this is the saviour for every woman who has tired skin with wrinkles, fine lines and visible dark spots!

Algotherm is the French pioneer of the marine cosmetic and thalassotherapy spa science since 1962. With this premium brand, we can now enjoy the advantages of the pharmaceutical grade skincare, and specialized spa treatments. 

Marine Life Serum (30ml) @ RM320

Recently, it has achieve its latest breakthrough in Marine Skin Anti-Aging Innovation – AlgoTime, and therefore introducing this product, Marine Life Serum to Malaysian market. It is a powerful potion to reveal your young, baby-like skin again! It comes in a small pump bottle of 30ml, but well loaded with goodness from the deep sea. 

Here's brief description of the product. It promises us a smoother complexion, firmer facial contour, reduced dark spots and fine lines. But usually anti-aging products are extra sensitive towards light and heat, so remember to store it at a dry, cool place ya.

Exclusively made in France :)

ALGOTIME Active Ingredients
The unique synergy of 4 algae works together to restore youth gene activity, acting on all 4 issues simultaneously: ALGOGENE [4] PATENT to increase cell longevity and revitalize the skin. Now that I know Algae actually speak skin’s language! 

Do you have the same worries as me? Anti-aging products are often too concentrated and 'rich' for me, and I would have breakouts after a few times using them. I was skeptical to try Algotherm at first, until I read about its high suitability for sensitive skin, so I decided to give it a try! 

The texture is surprisingly light, like a translucent gel boosted with high water content
On the skin, it feels slightly thicker than a water-based moisturizer, but much lighter than cream type. 

I only spread a small dollop (around 20 cents size) onto the entire face in an upward circular motion, creating a very thin coverage that makes the skin more 'breathable'. Considering the amount used each time during both day and night, a small bottle goes a long way!

Here's the prodigiously effective AlgoTime anti-aging range. To achieve youthful skin, it is best to use the serum with its full range: Youth Wrinkle Cream, Youth Lift Cream, Youth Vitamin Mask and Wrinkle Intensive Filler.

For more intensive treatments and immediate breath-taking visible results, 3 professional Algotherm Anti-Aging Treatments are available at Algotherm beauty salon/spa. Price ranges from RM180 onwards.

Let's bid goodbye to wrinkles, saggy skin, slackened facial contour and dark spots!
Welcome to the world of youthful faces!

For more information about Algotherm, please visit:

Complete List of Algotherm Salons:
1. Green Apple Beauty Centre, Taman Cheras, 03-9132 5330
2. Nutribon Beauty Sanctuary, Times Square, 03-2142 3229
3. Beleza Beauty, Kepong, 03-6242 1663
4. May Beauty Line, Permaisuri, 039171 6030
5. La Beautylicious Story, Taman Desa, 011-2366 8428

1. Slim Tech Beauty Therapy, Rawang, 03-6733 4099
2. SS Beauty & Slimming Centre, Tmn. Equine, 03-8942 1811
3. Ovrio Beauty Therapy, Setia Alam, 03-3343 8082
4, La Senses Beauty House, Damansara Utama, 03-7710 1232
5. Wellys De Beauty,Ara Damansara, 03-7734 3387
6. Elam Beauty, Puchong IOI Boulevard, 012-269 0155

1. Liz Beauty Academy, Johor Bharu, 07-3323 902
2. Pure Bliss Sanctuary & Spa, Plaza DNP, 07- 3333 232
3. Pure Beauty House, Tmn. Mount Austin, 013-7755 888

PERAK: Marinna Beauty Therapy, Ipoh, 010-3892 579
KEDAH: Zentuary Beauty & Spa, Alor Setar, 04-7717 877
SABAH: 1 M Beauty & Spa, Kota Kinabalu, 088-231 668

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