17 July, 2014

Review: Japanese Makeup from Tokyo Luxey

Yay! I was excited to see so many Japanese cosmetics that are not available in Malaysia when meeting one of my beauty sponsor, Tokyo Luxey who came all the way from Japan to meet us the Malaysian bloggers ♥ 

Meet the ladies from Japan! If you do not already know, Tokyo Luxey is a very famous luxe community that supplies Japanese-made beauty and lifestyle-related information, skincare and makeup products of genuine high quality.

Recently they have launched Tokyo Luxey "Luxe" Gift Box filled with 7 pieces of Japanese skin care and makeup products that are specially hand-picked by the beauty team. In fact, they're all very popular items among beauty junkies as I have seen some of them on ViVi magazine. 

And today I'm going to review some of the products in the box! 

24h COSME Powder Foundation

Awww....look at the Japanese innovation, have you ever seen such cute casing of compact powder? I'm so in love with it! I posted it on Facebook and a couple of friends start asking me where to get this cute compact. 

It is a powerful around-the-clock natural foundation makeup foundation that comes in 3 different shades that suit all Asian skin tones. After putting on my concealer and CC cream, I wouldn't forget to add a touch of mattifying finish onto the skin so that the makeup lasts longer and glows better. 

It works best for any nude makeup look because the very fine powder infuses into the skin very well. 
No more visible pores, and the complexion becomes almost flawless! 

FAIRYDROPS Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Dark Ochre)

If compact powder is not your cup of tea, how about trying the mineral powder puff instead? It is made of real 99% Mineral Powder that covers wrinkles, freckles and pores. The best thing is, it not only doesn't clog pores but also effective in maintaining skin moisture. 

Thanks to its goodness, you can even sleep with it without any worries!

Opening the cap, I can smell the lovely vanilla scent rushing out of it and I love the way it smoothens my skin.
Best for the natural look that lasts you all day long without 'melting'!

FAIRYDROPS Platinum Mascara (Waterproof)

Moving on to the eyes, I think Japanese has done a great job as their eye makeup can go as nude as possible yet very mesmerizing and electrifying at the same time. How do they achieve that? Because of this volumizing and lengthening waterproof shiny mascara

I notice that the shape of the wand is very unique-- and therefore able to reach every strand of lashes and add extra volume and curl to it! Packed with 5 kinds of nourishing treatment essences, it is no longer a burden to wear thick mascara! 

Love the deep glossy black color that adds more dramatic effect onto the eyes! 

KIRAAN! Point Makeup Metal Magic Eyeliner (Pink Bird)

To save time and hassle in creating a party makeup look, just add a layer of hot pink metal magic liner onto the upper eyelids for the rocking sexy effect. The tip is so fine that you can easily create a precise line, and it doesn't smudge easily too! 

Remember to draw a dark eyeliner beneath it before adding the glitters!

Very glittery? I find it just beautiful to wake those sleepy eyes, and get ready to rock the party!

Here's my full makeup look after using all Japanese products. 
I hope Tokyo Luxey can continue to bring in more Japanese bestsellers into the Malaysian market! 

#1 Most of the products can last me for one whole day without smudging! That's why I am always confident with the Japanese when it comes to skincare and makeup :) 
#2 An all-rounder that caters our beauty needs from eyes and lips to the face and neck! 
#3 Rating: 5/5 ♥ For 7 exclusive items in a box, it costs me only USD32 (Approsimately RM102). Definitely a great steal!

For more information about Tokyo Luxey, please visit:
Instagram: @tokyoluxey


  1. Wow! The Powder foundation & Mascara look really good! :)

  2. wah u look like a doll! :D all the packaging looks so cute. I wish i am more adventurous to try these.

  3. the mascara macam very good!!


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